Short Story Saturday: Making A House A Home

In today’s short story i will be writing about making a house a home. This story is birthed out of my own struggle to maintain a clean home in the midst of mine and my husband’s crazy work schedules and the busyness of life. Thankfully we don’t have children yet, or our home would look more like a war zone! Without further ado, i present to you:

Making A House A Home


Angela Frantz

Irene wakes up at 4am each morning, thanking the Lord for another day. She then proceeds to start her morning ritual; brush her teeth, tame her wild hair, and make a cup of coffee. Today is Monday, and it seems like the weekend was way too short, but Irene is thankful she gets to see her friend’s baby that she cares for. See, Irene doesn’t yet have littles of her own yet, and so she cherished the moments she gets to babysit for her friends, it is a chance to love on them and fill the gap of not having conceived yet. Also, because she works 10 hour days, and her husband works in the mornings, they can barely care for their fur baby and keep the house from looking like a danger zone. Most of her friends call it “lived in”, but she knows in the back of her mind her mother and in laws complain to others about the way she “manages her house”. Some days it is all she can do to not set fire to her belongings and start over, but with working the shift she does, and not getting much help from her husband she doesn’t have time. Life always seems to get in the way, and she has to make excuses for not only saying no to her friends invites, but allowing anyone over to visit. Irene dreams of a small home in the country, one where she gets to stay home all the time and keep the place tidy and neat. She knows life is busy, but one day she hopes to make her house a home!

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       Is it just me or does it seem like every time you set out to do something life gets in the way and distracts you from accomplishing what you started? Well, this is a new year, and I am choosing to make 2018 better! I have signed up for writing prompts for my blogs, I will be taking classes for my photography business/hobby, and have already been pretty productive in accomplishing some things for my personal life. I heard a quote once, not sure who it was from, that said if you want success you have to be like a bull fighter and grab it by the reigns, holding on for dear life. I don’t know if you have ever been to a rodeo, but when I see those riders flailing about on that bull, I know one thing for certain…they are determined. I mean, you have to be determined to be getting on an animal that would like to do nothing but kill you in order to succeed in that sport. It is either that, or you are crazy…maybe a little of both, lol.

       Anyways, the reason I am writing this is because I am going to try and post everyday for probably the next month or so with a different prompt that i have been given.   Today I am starting with a topic that I was given describing why I chose to write. So without further ado, I would like to share a little bit about why I created this blog site. 

                                                A VOICE FOR CHANGE


The reason I wanted to create The Narrow Road, and why I am still plugging away on my social media platforms and on here is because I desire to be a voice for change. Now there are plenty of people who want to see change, they talk about it – and a good majority tend to nag about it -, but very few step up to the mic and decide to do something about the ugliness they see around them. Most don’t do anything about it simply out of fear of rejection, others because they don’t really know where to start, and still there are those who have become numb to the violence and hate because all they do is stay plugged into the media instead of good organizations and places that promote positive change. I may be one voice in a billion or so people in the United States, even larger a number around the world; however, I believe that even if by standing up to injustice and bullies I can change just one life….well, then it was all worth it. I may not be the next Oprah Winfrey, Audrey Hepburn – in her later years -, or the late President Ronald Reagan, but I know that there are certain people who come into my life in one way or the other that i can be an influence on. I am a follower of Jesus, I am not religious – in fact i hate when people say they are a “Christian” because it is the cool thing to do or they profess to be one and then do/say stupid stuff to people. Am I perfect? No, but at least I am real and when i say or do something dumb I try and make amends. Anyways, in saying that, I am a follower of Jesus and I am taught that we should love others in a pure way – not bullying them or treating them less than human -, and be kind and generous, helping those around us who are in need. This is my anthem in life; I feel my calling or purpose in life is to help those in need and be an advocate for those who can’t or are too scared to stand up for themselves. That is why i care, and that is why i keep coming back here and sharing my life in all its glory. 

So in essence, to answer the question who I am and why I write? I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, an advocate for positive change and those in need, and I strive everyday to live out my faith the best way I am learning how….translation: I strive everyday to be kind, loving, compassionate, have joy and hope even when it seems there is no reason to because I believe in a brighter day. This is who I am and my passion.



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The holidays, writing more, and other nonsensical things


So since I am finally done with this quarter period of school, I have decided to start writing more on here. I know I have stated that before, but in all honesty I get so busy with my facebook and instagram, I sometimes feel like unless I have something profound and deep I can’t write on here. As the great Wil Wheaton stated not long ago, “in an effort to write more” I have chosen to start writing this season. It might be random, and it might not make much sense, but I have decided I need to show more love to this site then I have been.

This Christmas season is fast approaching, must faster than I would have liked….only because it is going to be gone faster than it came upon us. I have gotten some presents for my hubby, a few small things for the extending family, and spent more than what we had in our budget – but I know it will be worth it on Christmas day when they open their presents; they being my husband mostly cause I accidentally went overboard with his gifts this year. At any rate, I have decided to go back to doing some crocheting again, haven’t really started cause I am having a hard time and have become smart enough to realize I might need outside help – aka mom – to get me going along with the projects. I should be done by Christmas morn..of 2018 LOL just kidding but seriously.

So Chris and I have just come back from our one year Anniversary (Anni, as I like to call it!), and what do you know, it happened to be in the Smokies the week a forest fire started. In all honesty, it is really sad what happened, and I pray for all the families involved. However, it was a shame we couldn’t go hiking or take some pictures on the trails in Gatlinburg while we were there. We were about twenty minutes from the fires, but we could still smell and see the damage from afar….Even though we did have a nice relaxing and fun time, it was a shame to see those who lost their homes and such.


A lot of illness and such is going around with the family, we would appreciate your prayers! Also, I don’t feel like giving my Reboot for November or December so I am going to rank it as a D, It was a crazy two months, and I know I can do better. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a happy New Years.


It’s in my DNA!


It is in every human’s DNA to feel connected, that is just how God created us. Now, despite your views on God, Christianity, and the Bible, I am sure you can agree the deepest longing inside a person is to be loved, to love, and to form relationships. Even for those who repeatedly say they don’t need anyone, know deep down they are the happiest when they are in connection with those around them. Why is this? Because the creator of the universe longs to be in relationship with us, and he wired us to form bonds with our fellow man.

Why do i write? 

You may be thinking, “What is the point to all of this?” The reason I am talking about relationships and connecting with others is because I have begun one of the ‘Blogging University’ courses, and the question in day 1 is, “Why do you write?” Well, I write because I recognize the need God has placed inside me to connect with others.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”  – C. S. Lewis

Some people are introverts, and I get that…I can be one myself at times, but no matter who you are or where you come from, we all want to belong. We see it in our everyday life; from the little girl sharing her lunch in the cafeteria at school, to the young man who gets involved with a gang because they make him feel accepted. The basic need to belong resides in all of us, and as people seek out and make good connections with others they sense the void of loneliness beginning to shrink.

“Relationships thrive when we try to outdo each other in supporting not in being supported.” – John Piper

In closing, connections are extremely vital. The moment we choose to open our hearts and allow others in, is the moment we find the key to truly living, and not just living but sharing life with others. Who knows, you might just be someone’s miracle today. Share in the comments below why or why not you write; and if not what is stopping you?