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Nashville Or Bust



Last Friday Chris and I went, along with my parents, to the Nashville, TN area. We started off by going to the Percy Priest Dam by the airport where we showed my parents the walking trail that leads from the Dam all the way to the Opry Mills. We then traveled from there and went up towards Lebanon, TN to view the outlet mall and some of the old shops. We then headed down to Murfreesboro where we stayed the night at a hotel and the next morning traveled to a cute little place called, “White House,” near Hermitage where we hung out for a few before getting dinner that night with our friends from Nashville. We really enjoyed ourselves, aside from the weather being suffocatingly hot, and the fact we were only able to stay for a weekend. Look forward to going back down before summer is over to see the General Jackson and a few other places we were not able to view this time around. What are some places you have gone to this summer? Share in the comments below!

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Everyday Inspiration: Nashville, TN

So in today’s everyday inspiration I was asked to tell a story from a single picture, but i couldn’t pick just one…so here are the places i love when i travel to Nashville.

                                                The Percy Priest Dam




I have always wanted to visit Nashville, but it wasn’t until I met my hubby that I got to go. It was actually our first trip as a couple. The first place I went to when we arrived was the walking trail. I really liked this because it was long, had plenty of places where you could stop and enjoy nature, and if you go in the spring – which we did on our second trip – you will smell the honeysuckle growing on the trees.

                                                 Opry Mills Mall

Nashville 1

After we left the walking trail we visited the Opry Mills Mall, and I am not a big shopper – unless you include window shopping -, but i adored this place. There are so many stores in here, including an adorable Merry – Go – Round for the kiddo’s. The stores are not the only thing that makes this place great, you also have multiple options when it comes to where you will eat. I personally recommend Rainforest Cafe because you sit in a very interactive environment, and their food is delicious.

                                                       Nashville’s Parthenon

Nashville 3.JPG

So, we never really stopped here, however, we were with our friends Eric and Vicki and we happened to be driving by just to see the outside and the surrounding buildings. On our next trip down in June I am hoping to come back here and take a tour. This is just another reason I love Nashville; there are so many places that are peaceful, and where you can relax.

                                                 The Bluebird Cafe

Nashville 2

The last place i want to talk about is The Bluebird Cafe. Last time we were in Nashville, we went here to see if we could get in – because they have limited seating -, and there was a huge line which prevented us from getting chosen. However, I am hoping next month when we go there will be a chance we actually are able to get in. Not only do I love this place because it is a great way to find new artist, but it is frequently on my favorite show Nashville on ABC.


Basically, if i had to pick a picture to write about it would be Nashville as a whole. I have found the people in Nashville are friendly; there is so much to do, and not just restaurants or bars; and there is so much talent that oozes from every corner of this amazing city. If you are not much into the hustle and bustle of the city all you have to do is go about 30 minutes north towards Mt. Juliet and Lebanon. Here, you will find a small downtown area, full of old shops and restaurants, and if you keep driving about 15 minutes out there are plenty of farm lands for those who wish to maintain their privacy and enjoy the simplicity of life. Chris and I have talked recently how we would like to settle down around the Lebanon area because of the really amazing school systems and down – to -earth atmosphere. I must say when i think of Nashville and the surrounding areas, or i see a picture, my heart skips a beat; and when i leave there i can’t wait till i can come back. So where is your favorite destination? Can you tell me a story in a single picture or a series of them? Join the conversation by leaving your comment below!