Fall in love with Autumn

I couldn’t help but use a play on words for this amazing post about Autumn and all the wonderful sights and sounds it brings! Honestly, I think if I had it my way, it would be autumn all year round except for two weeks out of the year for a deep freeze to get rid of the germs and “yuckies” as I call them. I’m also a huge fan of Hallmark Channel, especially their morning show, “Home & Family”. If you haven’t seen it you should watch, it’s a fun and wholesome program giving you great ideas for cooking, décor around the house, and so much more. The reason I bring it up is because there’s something to be said about being around someone who’s full of life, energy, and is joyful. And that is exactly what H&F provide. With the changing of the leaves, and the cooler air trying to blow in, I decided to write about how we can enjoy the season – now more than ever -, and a few of my favorite things about the Fall.

  1. Take time to enjoy nature: One of the ways I enjoy this season is by simply looking around me. I’m a nature nut at heart, and so I love doing my morning devotions and meditation outside as I watch the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. If you’re not religious or a follower of Jesus, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of fall by making time to go to a park or go for a walk in your neighborhood.

>>> I also enjoy grabbing my camera and taking a drive or walk to find the spots that best represent the season. Be it children playing in a pile of leaves, an old tree with either multi-colored leaves, or none whatsoever. I don’t really have a plan I just capture what inspires me at the time. Speaking of which, if you are a photographer, try taking some photos and sharing them – unfiltered – with others. Find places that most wouldn’t think to look or take a photo of. Sometimes the best pictures to me are the ones where it’s very candid and haven’t been adjusted on adobe or some other photo touch up program.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

2. Get Creative!

When it comes to Fall, I enjoy all the decorations! If you want to really embrace this time of year then try honing in on your creative side. I mentioned the show Home & Family before, and one reason I love it is because they share easy decorations to spruce up your home, garden, and community. From elaborate crafts like wall décor to simple yet elegant wreaths for any occasion. I am not the most crafty, yet I love to see the various things made in hopes one day I will have the space and the finances to create something wonderful that I can share with others.

3. All The Food:

I couldn’t make a list without adding some delicious food! The older I get, the more I enjoy baking….well, mainly around the autumn and winter months! One of my favorites has become something I usually start around the beginning of November, although I may start early just to spread some harvest cheer! I have made off and on for the last 6 years an amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe I found online a long time ago, I tweaked it a bit so it isn’t super sweet or has an overpowering pumpkin taste, yet I haven’t had any complaints thus far! If you aren’t much of a baker, then try something easy like a pre-made pumpkin pie or sugar cookies you can roll out and make leaf shapes or pumpkins, whatever you decide, I hope you have fun and find a little joy in the midst of everything going on.

So what are some ways you enjoy this time of year? Comment with your favorite activities and treats below. I look forward to reading them!!

May the joys of the season bring a harvest blessing. You are loved and cherished!

~ Angie ~