A letter to the president

So in today’s everyday inspiration, the topic is reinventing the letter format. I was encouraged to write my post as if i were writing a letter to someone, and i have chosen to write to the current president of America, Barack H. Obama.


Image by Tim Sackton (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Dear President Obama,
In June of 2014 you made some pretty big waves in the transgender community, which now affect my safety and the safety of women and children everywhere. You described having bathrooms for people who are biologically male or female was discriminatory, and excluded those who identify as being the opposite of their biological nature. First, i want to say i do not have any hatred towards those who identify as a sex different than what they were born as; however, I feel as if putting them in the same restroom as myself opens doors for those who say they are transgender when in reality have another agenda. Because this world is growing darker by the minute, I am cautious when one says they are transgender simply because i am not sure if they identify with that or they have a desire to cause harm to others. There are plenty of places which have a men’s, women’s, and single bathrooms. Most gas stations, restaurants, and places of worship even have a “family bathroom” for those who have little one’s that can not use the restroom by themselves. I believe making a statement suggesting transgender folks use these restrooms would be a better fit because they won’t feel segregated or made fun of for using a restroom that goes against the social norm. I understand that most rapes and victimization happens outside of the restroom, but if you allow this agenda to take place, I believe you will see more crime happening in the very place we as women and men should feel safe.

Secondly, from what i have come to understand this law has a lot of room for error. I have yet to find where you make mention a transgender is allowed to take part in the sports or recreational activity of their choosing. Take American football for example, if i were a transgender female who identifies as a male, there is nothing in place for me to have the chance to play football because i am still a female biologically. Or if I am a man but i identify as a woman, there is nothing that says I am allowed to dress in a female cheer uniform and be on a team. I understand you are seeking equality on all fronts, but President Obama, I don’t think you fully understand the consequences of your actions. I ask….no I plead with you to reconsider your actions and think of us women and children when we are walking into a locker or bathroom and come upon a gentleman who tells everyone he is a woman, but has a look about him that he intends harm.


Every woman and mom in America