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You may never believe this…Day 18


You may never believe this, but i love a good pickle and peanut butter sandwich.

You may never believe this, but as much as i love the city, i prefer the countryside within a few minutes of basic necessity shops(walmart, publix, etc).

You may never believe this, but when i was seven i had severe back pain where i would get stuck getting up when bending over.

You may never believe this, but did you know i used to be a blonde?

You may never believe this, but i love just getting in the car and driving…for no reason.

You may never believe this, but i am actually an ametuer video game nerd…I blame my brother – in – law! LOL.

What are some things that most people don’t know about you? Write them in the comments below!


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Our virtual coffee date


In today’s everyday inspiration the topic is about writing as if you are having a virtual coffee date with a friend. After reviewing a few blogs, I came acrossed Amber’s page, “girlwiththeredhair”. She wrote as if she was sitting with an old friend and catching up on life since the last time she had seen them. So today, we will have a virtual coffee date, ready?

If we were having coffee today, I would introduce myself, and get to know a little about you. I would mention that we also visited a historic village in New Salem, IL where there were people dressed in Amish clothing and explained what it was like to live in that day and age. It was interesting to see some of the homes of Abraham Lincoln’s friends. Also, I am trying out this whole 30 again, but i have incorporated some greens and a few wraps from a friend of mine who is a consultant with “IT WORKS.” What would you want to discuss if we were together? Tell me a little about yourself in the comments below.

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As I open up my life, I hope you feel comfortable to share a little bit of yours, as well as the little nuggets of wisdom you have learned along the way. Please remember this is a place of love and respect, and just because we disagree with others doesn’t mean we become disagreeable. Each one of us has a right to our own opinion, God created us unique and with the ability to compliment one another not to compare. In saying that, I look forward to getting to know all of you and doing life together!!