Living Life like everyday is Christmas

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With New Years right around the corner I was debating on what to write for the blog. Most people begin sharing tips and tricks to set and keep goals – and usually the day after Christmas -, or how to take better care of yourself once the calendar turns over to January 1. But as most of you know, my goal for this blog is to go deeper and write thought – provoking articles that will foster community and help people embrace their true identities. Therefore I decided to piggy back off a fellow blogger friend of mine. He was discussing how we tend to talk about Jesus and his birth leading up to Christmas day, and then once the clock ticks midnight on December 26th, we rush to take all the decorations down and pack away any semblance of Christmas. The point he was making, which you can read the article here, is that we are in such a rush sometimes to celebrate festivities and embrace baby Jesus in a manger and yet forget the very reason why He came in the first place. This year has looked really dark, and it has gotten really lonely, but one thing I know for sure is that Jesus came for the lonely. He is the light that shines bright in the darkest storms of life and He is wanting to have a relationship with you. December 25th isn’t just about Santa Claus, reindeer, or even a baby in a manger. Christmas represents hope and love, and the grace of God Almighty coming down to redeem us. We all have messed up and done some pretty stupid stuff. You probably haven’t killed anyone, but you may have carried around hatred, anger, lust, or greed and it has broken God’s heart. You may not believe in God but He still exist. That is like saying I don’t believe in gravity but the moment I jump from a four story building I’m going to experience it real quick. What am I trying to say? Jesus, the light of the world, came to give you light and hope unlike anything you will ever find. Instead of packing away the lights, tree, and decorations, why not continue into 2021 with the hope that Christmas brings? We can live everyday like it is Christmas if we would surrender our lives and will to Jesus and allow Him to help us live with purpose and passion. Jesus doesn’t want to be a wet blanket and ruin life for you, He knows what is best just like a really great parent and He wants to show you how to truly live. This is the whole purpose of TNR, I wanted to show people life isn’t about stuff or being the best. The road in the fast lane isn’t the best life, a truly fulfilled and satisfied life is one traveled down the narrow road, the road that is dusty and has a few rocks imbedded into it. This road causes you to take a slower pace and cherish each moment.

How do we live everyday like it is Christmas?

We do so by embracing the hope and light of Jesus and aligning our goals we want to set or should set for the new year with the plan God has for us. God is like a really good parent who knows what is best for their child and wants to see them live a successful life. And since God knows our end from our beginning, He already knows how things will turn out for us. Why not trust Him with everything? I know, it is hard, trust me I get it. Yet, as we make a daily decision to trust Him and place our lives in His hands we won’t have to rush past each holiday happy one day and depressed the next. God will gladly give us His joy and peace that last through any circumstance. Yes, life is still hard and it still sucks at times, but when we embrace His joy and peace there are pockets of times like what we have experienced this whole year where we say, “You know, life seemed to be a little crazy this year, but all in all I’m good, my family is good, and I know I will be alright.” Your situation may not always be alright, but you can be deep inside. This sounds strange according to the world’s standards. But trust me when I say, I have never been more happier and at peace. Somehow God has given me a peace and joy over the last few days and week that has made the last twelve months seem like just a scary dream. I don’t know what will happen in 2021, but I know I’m going to be just fine because I know something others don’t. I know my God is my provider and will keep me safe and help me make it through.

As we approach 2021 may you experience the love and light of Jesus and may He give you hope and peace like you have never known before.

Angie Frantz

A Christmas without You – Mourning those we love.

I know I have stated this in the past, but in case you forgot or are new here I just want to reiterate it. I created this blog and the site to be a place where I can share issues that are real and matter to all of you. My hope is by being real and sharing my heart I can help someone in need and maybe save a life. There is so much bullying going on now days, way more than when I was a kid, and my prayer is just to let people know I care and I get it. So in this post today I want to share what has been on my heart lately. My grandma and best friend passed away three years ago – almost five months to the day -, and so every Christmas is a challenge. However, this Christmas is especially hard because my husband and I have been married a year and we are thinking about children. Anyone who tells you that the pain gets easier over the years has never lost anyone. I am here to tell you that there will be good days and bad days, and during the holidays the only thing to focus on is the good relationships you still have on earth and that Jesus is truly the only one that understands. Without Him, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning.

The song that has been resonating in my heart the past few weeks is the song, “Hallelujah”specifically the one by the Cloverton band. Check it out here. I love it because it is simple, talks about how Jesus understands our pain, and how it is ok to cry for those we love! In a time where everyone is joyful and celebrating, just know that it is ok to have a good time, even if you have moments where you breakdown. If you are having a hard time this season, just think of how awesome it is that your loved one gets to celebrate with the one we are celebrating! Check out these videos and in the comment below tell me a memory you have of the one you lost and how you celebrated Christmas.

Son of God , Comfort and Joy , and also because this song truly represents a mother’s heart; A Baby Changes Everything .

Merry Christmas & Praying you have a wonderful New Years,