Reboot 2.0

So a while back i had started a series of post called, “Reboot”, and it was supposed to be a yearly resolution to do more in 2017. Well, i had quite a few setbacks because of a miscarriage i experienced last February, and there were some deaths in both sides of mine and my husband’s … More Reboot 2.0

Life Reboot

  So I have been reading a blog lately by Wil Wheaton, some of you might know him as Crusher from Star Trek Next Generation, others of you might know him from his YouTube channel TableTop. Well, since last October he has committed to doing a reboot on his life. To read the article, as … More Life Reboot

Power to Change

I was reading my devotions for today, and I came across Philippians¬†2:13 in the New Living Translation… “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” There are some people who will say, being a follower of Jesus is boring or too hard because you have … More Power to Change