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  Why do we celebrate Valentines? I thought of this as we are fast approaching the holiday. Is it just so Hallmark and other company’s can push their sales? Is it for husbands – or wives, cause let’s be honest – can make up for stupid stuff done the rest of the year? I don’t…

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A few of my favorite things

In my last post i discussed how I began a a class through ‘Blogging University’ that WordPress offers. The class helps journalists, poets, and blogger enthusiasts learn to write and reach their target audience better. In day 1 i was supposed to discuss the purpose for my writing, and in day 2 I am encouraged…

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It’s in my DNA!

It is in every human’s DNA to feel connected, that is just how God created us. Now, despite your views on God, Christianity, and the Bible, I am sure you can agree the deepest longing inside a person is to be loved, to love, and to form relationships. Even for those who repeatedly say they…

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