We at TNR need your help! We are currently looking for people who will sponsor us, and allow us to show off their products on our YouTube and Twitch channel!

photo of people doing fist bump
Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

How does that look? Well, as of right now we are looking for around 5 to 10 businesses that would be willing to allow us to use their product in our videos/stream or be willing to sponsor our videos. Here are some of the things we would like to do:

  • Play Your Game: We enjoy worker-placement, RPG, and various board/card games. If you have a game you think we would like, please feel free to contact us.
  •  Review Your Product: We enjoy things like Audiobooks, physical books, I (Angie) enjoy makeup – to an extent -, coffee and tea, we enjoy good food, local mom and pop shops, and even comics. If you want us to review your product live or on a video we want to hear from you.
  •  Products for every day/practical use: By this, we simply mean things such as everyday household items, clothes, or items people use on a regular basis – at a reasonable price.
  • Help us make better content: These are things we use to stream and help make better content for our viewers and those who join our community. This would be the equipment we use, the chairs we sit in, etc. If you think we would enjoy it, would help facilitate a better outcome for our viewers, then we want to talk to you!

Last but not least, we need others to join our community and support us financially. Whether it is five dollars – less than a cup of coffee – or more, we need a group of people who will join the Twitch fam and subscribe each month to help us reach as many people as possible and share the love and joy we hope to foster in the world around us. We will have various levels you can subscribe at, and through each one, you will be able to get the following goodies:

  • Help create content – within reason – for our YouTube and Twitch channel
  • At the end of our stream/video, we will give you a shoutout!
  • You might get to do a collab with us or we will host and highlight your own channel!
  •  Every quarter we will have a giveaway!

And these are just a few of the things we have planned for our channel. Look forward to linking arms with you on this journey!

Happy Trails,

Chris and Angie Frantz

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Be on the lookout

March Reboot 1

Hey everyone, so this week’s post is going to be a bit short, but I’m itching to share something amazing that my hubs and I have going on behind the scenes. However, I can’t quite share the details with you just yet, but I can say to be on the lookout for some exciting events and such we will have planned starting in Mid March, early April. O_O I know, very elusive, right? I don’t know if you’re like me at all, but I hate surprises….this is one, however, that I promise you will like – well, I hope you’ll like -, and what I can say is, you should expect me to be writing more on here one to two times per week, and uploading stuff on our other social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. That is all I can say for now, but I hope you will pray that God will direct our steps and help us as we step into this new leg of our journey. I look forward to sharing more with y’all! As always, please make sure to subscribe to the blog, head on over to our other social platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and follow us there, and then finally make sure to share with your friends so we can grow our little community and share this fun adventure with the world! ^_^

Happy Trails,



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City Spotlight: STL

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite places I like to go to when I drive over the river to St. Louis, MO. I should note, none of these business’ sponsored me to write about them, it was out of my free will.

On Saturday I finally got the chance to visit the new Ferris Wheel down at Union Station in St. Louis, MO. My hubs Chris and I decided to make a date evening of it, and so we stopped at two of my favorite places to eat as well – I will discuss those in a bit. It was a tad chilly when we first got there, but after a few hours it finally started to warm up. I had purchased tickets online beforehand and I believe it came out to be $15 a person. The cars, or whatever you will call them, were a decent size, as well as having both an emergency button and a few vents for heat. I could have done without the music, but it wasn’t horrible, and honestly neither were the crowds – course we came around 12ish so that could have been a huge factor. Both Chris and I had planned on going on the ride, however my husband wasn’t feeling well due to sinus drainage and had to step off. For someone who is afraid of heights, I have to be honest and say it was really enjoyable for me, even with being able to see how far off the ground we were. I enjoyed all the sights and took a few pictures I plan on uploading this weekend from my digital camera. You can view the video I took on my Instagram account here. I highly recommend going, and especially buying your tickets before you get there, it was a fun experience and hopefully the next time the hubs can ride with me.


The Fountain on Locust

Before we attend the Wheel we got a bite to eat at The Fountain on Locust. First of all, for any fellow vintage 40s/50s lovers out there, this place is a dream come true. Second, the food is not only amazing, it is homemade right in St. Louis – except their ice cream which is from Wisconsin Dells. I could go on for hours talking about this place, but I encourage if you are coming to St. Louis, you need to check this place out! I will post a few pictures of the beautiful shots I took when I was there.

Pappy’s Smokehouse

Oh dear! Where do I start with this place? First, if you are a vegan or don’t eat meat, this isn’t the place to be. However, for my fellow carnivores out there, this place is like heaven on earth. My first date with Chris was at this place, and even though I was getting claustrophobic from standing in the tiny hallway waiting in line to place our order, it was all worth it when I took that first bite of my pulled pork sandwich. Chris and I came here after walking around Union Station and after I finished my ride on the big Wheel. The place has been in business for 12 years – and as a matter of fact Saturday was their anniversary! Not only do the owners and managers walk around and greet you, the staff are beyond amazing and friendly, and there are menus adorned all over the walls with various signatures from people such as Flogging Molly, Brendan Shanahan, Ozzy Osborn, and Andy from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This is the best BBQ place around the metro area in my opinion, and it is worth checking out! You can view the menu and find out more about them by clicking the link here.

I hope you enjoyed the post today, and as always don’t forget to share the site with your friends and if you’ve not done it already, then subscribe to the blog so you can get notifications when I upload a new post.

May you have a good week, and this Valentine’s I hope you know you are loved…regardless of your relationship status!



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Dealing with a Deviated Septum

Hey everyone, so I wanted to write about my recent sinus surgery, and give some updates on how I am doing. If you have ever had issues with sinus’, sinus infections, or problems with sour throats and stuff, then you are going to want to read today’s post. Before I begin though, make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get notifications in your email when I write a new post on this blog, and then share this site with your friends that way we can increase our little community.

Dealing with a Deviated Septum

sinus surgery 1

On January 27th, 2020 I had sinus surgery and a deviated septum fixed. Since I was around 13 or so I began dealing with sinus drainage, and in my mid – teens I began having reoccuring sinus infections and bronchitis. Finally, when I was in my mid – twenties, I found out through a fellow classmate that I might have a deviated septum. My friend began mentioning how his nose leaned to one side and it would cause problems with his breathing, as well as having various issues with his sinus ducts. After my friend came back from having the surgery he mentioned how amazing he felt, not to mention the ability to smell properly. Since then, I have considered having the surgery, and hoping – because of the cost – that I would be able to afford it one day. Finally, that day came and even thought it was pretty pricey – I had to pay around 3K before my insurance would kick in -, I have to admit it was totally worth it. There are a few issues I am having, but granite, I am only two weeks out of having surgery – I will go into detail of this later.

My first major surgery

sinus surgery 2

I have never had surgery, let alone major surgery in my entire life, and so this was a first for me. Not only that, but I have never been put under anesthesia either, and so I was a bit nervous to say the least. However, the nurses at Memorial were extremely friendly, helpful, and caring. I didn’t even flinch when they put the iv in me, and except for the pinching, I don’t think I even noticed it was there. After I came out of surgery, my doctor said everything went well, and even though I had a bit of a breakdown at the hospital – due to the combo of anesthesia and the antibiotics -, I was good to head home. The first night was rough because I had to sleep in my recliner, I had to breath solely through my mouth because of the packing in my nose, and the fact I needed help getting to the bathroom and such because of the meds and having to keep my head straight and not bend over or bend my head back due to surgery. It seemed that night every 45 minutes I would wake up and look at the clock…it was excruciating!


The Recovery Process

The day after the surgery I was able to get the packing out, which hurt like something fierce, and suddenly I began feeling so much better! However, the process to healing took much longer than expected. The first week was hard simply because I had to retrain myself to soley breath through my nose, and then my doctor said it would take a while to get rid of the remainder mucus and blood that was compacted up in my nose – this of ‘ course meant I would have some drainage and when I began blowing my nose after the first week there would be a bit of blood on the tissue. As gross as this sounds, it was nothing compared to the way it felt….but I could breath! The following Monday after my surgery I went in for my doctor to check my nose out and to clean what he could in my nasal passages. Even though it looked good, and he did a good job of cleaning it, I still have some issues with drainage in the mornings, I feel I still need to sleep with my head sitting straight up, and I have to use a humidifier now. However, in the grand scheme of things, I have to say it was worth it. I can tell I am getting better, little by little each day; but to say this isn’t a mental battle would be a lie. As I stated above, I still am trying to train my brain into breathing solely through my nose, and my healing process is taking longer than I would have liked. However, the upside to this is I have trained myself to eating healthier and drinking more water. Not to mention, I have had some amazing times in my devotion. For those who don’t know, I am a follower of Jesus and so my faith defines me. Because of this, I make a point each morning to spend time in prayer, reading a portion of scripture, and journaling. During the week that I was off work – really almost two weeks -, I found ways to decrease my stress and anxiety, and I learned what it meant to listen to your body, and I began learning what my purpose was and how to take steps to living my best life. That might sound silly to you, but for someone who is overcoming anxiety, fights against approval addiction and learning to love myself, this was – as Oprah calls it – an “aha” moment for me.

In conclusion, I would say yes there were some hurdles – the cost, the fact I am still recovering, and a few headaches because of the lack of caffeine in that first week -, but if I had to do it all over again – which I hope I don’t – I would. So if you are considering geting sinus surgery and a deviated septum fixed, then I would highly recommend it. The only thing I would say, is make sure you have someone who can help you unselfishly, because without my husband and mom, I don’t know how well I would be feeling right now – aside from my faith getting me through, they were the reason I made it through so well. To see more pix scroll down, then click here to watch the video I posted on YouTube describing my progress.

As always, thanks for checking out my site, commenting, and showing your support.

much love,



Sinus surgery 4
Right after I got out of surgery, and as I was waking up.  


Sinus surgery 5
The next day, and a few hours before having the packing taken out.


Sinus surgery 6
One week post surgery.



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Stepping into your calling

Banner Year

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you a few things I been thinking about lately regarding my calling/purpose. See, unlike some people, when I was little – and up until this past year – I always seen kids who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Some said firemen, others work for the police, and even a few doctors and nurses; however, I never really knew what I wanted as a kid. Fast forward to about 7 years ago and I began thinking about being a teacher. I wasn’t dead set on it, but the thought seemed like something I could see myself doing, you know? Then a year or two ago I began volunteering with a after school bible program for kids, and I really enjoyed it – especially when I got to teach. This of ‘course made me think I would just do this for fun and as a hobby, not something that I could make a career out of, and since I have been having trouble with the finances for school I never thought I would become a teacher. Well, after around February of this year, I knew I wanted to get a job and do something that would allow me to still work with the program – KCBS -, and make some extra cash so I could help pay down our debt, and that is when it happened. I found out through a friend about a school that was hiring teacher’s aides, and even though I thought I knew what they did, I was not prepared for the amazing things God was about to show and teach me.

Not only did I get the job, as some of you may know, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being an aide. See, for those who were like me and don’t know exactly what an aide does, I got to help the teachers(I worked with both the pre-k teachers) with the various centers that help with verbal, communication, and skills they would need when beginning kindergarten and going on to further their education. I also of ‘course helped to maintain cleanliness in the class by keeping the floors swept and the tables cleaned after each activity and snack time, and help with lunch duties. I remember one day I literally got paid to set up an Easter egg hunt! It was probably a few weeks after Easter, and when I got to help with facilitating that egg hunt, that I realized this is what I wanted to do with my life. I really did want to be a teacher, and the avenue or pathway to getting my degree was going to be as an aide. See as an aide, you don’t have to have a degree, just need your diploma and some experience in working with children. This means I can work as an aide, and eventually finish my degree as the school pays for my training!! Of ‘course, currently I am not able to do this because of the school I am presently at, however, I am hopeful that as my husband is seeking another job elsewhere, that I will be able to find another job that is full – time and will pay for my training. I am starting to experience the joy most people talk about when they have finally found their niche or calling and are working for a place that they enjoy going to everyday!

Now, I know not everyone has had that aha! moment so to speak, but I hope that if you are not happy with where you are, this brings you hope to ask yourself and seek out that thing that reasonably makes you happy…and by reasonable, I mean use some common sense when thinking about it. I am not saying quit your job and go travel around the world abandoning those you love for some pipe dream, I mean really seeking your purpose and taking small steps to make it happen. Anyways, I hope this has helped you and brings you hope for your situation you are in. I know I have been greatly encouraged by my current job and the way my boss supports me in wanting to further my education, even if it means just saying a prayer for me to find a job elsewhere that will help me achieve my calling. If this helped you will you leave a comment below, subscribe, and share with your friends? My desire, besides being a teacher, is to write articles that help people and inspire them to be the best version of themselves, and in order to do that I need you to share this with those whom you think will benefit from my posts. Thanks in advance.

Till next time,


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Growing Up In A Small Town

yellow flowers in bloom
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com

For those who only follow on my blog here and not my other social media platforms, I want to apologize because of family and work stuff going on lately and also to mention that if you are not following me you really should. You don’t see my hubs as much since he has been working a lot lately, but I like to post little things I find interesting throughout my week and share them with y’all! This blog along with my other TNR social platforms are primarily to promote small towns, showcase the amazing finds through mom and pop shops around the U.S., and to give you a peek into our adventures we take – either big or small – each year. So as I was blowing the dust off this old blog I found a wonderful author by the name of Ty Noel, and his prompt for the week was on small towns(which you can find here). Therefore, today I would like to share my take on living in a small town in the Midwest, and the impact it had on my life. When you finish reading all the way through, which I hope you do, please make sure to subscribe and share with others #sharingiscaring !!

Midwest Living

Well, first of all living in the Midwest is not what you might be thinking. See, most people picture us one of two ways;

1 We are a group of rednecks who just sit around and drink on our front porch and talk funny. (Well, most of those whom I have associated with are not like this at least. LOL)

2. We are these strangers who people can’t quit figure out – I mean are we southerners that had to move to the Midwest because of it being overcrowded, or are we from one of the boarder states and imagined a “simpler life” in the Midwest where there is nothing but farms and small town shops?

This is just my experience, but that is what I have come to see when I meet people from other states and they hear my accent and are surprised I am from the Midwest. But I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning….32 years ago in a small town right outside of St. Louis, MO.

I might have been born in Phoenix, AZ but ever since I was one – or a little over that -, I lived in a small town right outside of St. Louis, MO called Dupo, IL….Yes you read that right, Dupo. It had maybe a little over 4 thousand people give or take and was made up of a few shops, a small grade school, a few trailer parks, and the usual – a few banks, two or three churches, and almost a bar on every corner(not really, but that is what it felt like). Anyways, that might be a stretch, but that is what I remember, I mean it has been almost 15 years since I lived there. So growing up in Dupo it was your generic small town, where most people knew everybody, and we didn’t go to many places – just Walmart which was about fifteen minutes out of town, church, and a few restaurants in the next town over. I think when I was in grade school I had a total class of 15, if that. Then my mom got the bright idea to homeschool me, which I am glad for it now, but it made my little extraverted self become a intro real quick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling. I just think it would have been better if we had the money to attend extra – curricular activities and such so I could be around other kids. Needless to say, I was bored to tears, and I couldn’t wait till I had the chance to get out of that town, let alone the state! Fast forward to now, and I remember the little library that was in town – not sure how long that was there but I just remember it when I was around 10 and getting my first library card. I also remember going to the ice cream shop in town and hanging out with my grandparents and aunts their families. Many of my other family members graduated from the high school there in town, or played games there. And of ‘ course I remember going to the little church in town and having to sit through mass with my grandma. There were some fun memories, but honestly, my grandparents – sometimes my parents – were so overprotective I didn’t do a whole lot. As I got older though, I am almost glad because I am way more respectful than some who have gone to school in town and lived there all their lives, and I have seen some of the dumb things that most of those I went to grade school with did and glad I never was involved with the shenanigans they would find themselves in. I lived a very boring life as a kid, and I think that is why I have such a spirit of adventure now that I am an adult. I can’t speak for everyone in the Midwest, or even in the town I grew up in, but this has been my experience.

What about you? Did you grow up in a small town, and if so what was it like for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share and subscribe to this post so you can receive notifications when I write something new. Thanks in advance, have an awesome day!

Until next time,

Summer 2019   ~Angie~

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Nashville, TN

Batman Building

Last week my hubs, Chris, and I took some vacation time and went to one of our favorite places – Nashville, TN. Today I decided to write about our trip, and some of our favorite places to go when we are in Tennessee. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can be notified anytime I create a new post.

First, I should say it has been about four years since the hubs and I have gone to Nashville, five if you include actually spending time outside of camping near Percy lake. Chris has gone down to Nashville off and on for over ten years before he met me. When we met, he mentioned how he plays an online game called, “World of Warcraft,” and that he had met some friends on there that live in Nashville, Tenn. To make a long story short, he mentioned there was a huge Renaissance Festival that happens throughout the month of May, and he would plan to go every Memorial weekend to hang out with his friends and check out the various activities. Then, when we got engaged we went down so I can meet them and we could check out the famous Castle that resides across from the festival. I loved the festival and Nashville so much that I kept wanting to go back, so after we got married we planned on coming back twice a year….well, four years later, lol. At any rate, we love Nashville, and the surrounding areas so much that I thought I would make a list of the top ten things I love best about Nashville Metro, from least to greatest.


10. Franklin Factory and outlet Shops –

Number ten would probably be the shops and factory in Franklin, Tenn. The Factory in Franklin was an old depression era factory that has since been converted in to various shops within the factory warehouse. There are so many rustic looking shops and classes that you can take – such as painting, potter, etc. – , and the last time we were down there, they had a few sculptures made out of medal. Plus if you like some of the big box stores, they are just a few minutes further. (1)

9. Lebanon Square – 

Another great place to check out is Lebanon Square, about northeast of Nashville. There is not much shops within the square per say, but the ones they have are amazing. We went down there this last time, and they have a few boutiques now, along with a great bar and grill type of restaurant that serves burgers, fish, and your all around American food. I highly recommend this to anyone who is going down to visit the outer parts of Nashville, and looking for some local shops and restaurants. (2)

8. Hermitage Winery – 

So I have to confess I haven’t actually been here. However, our friends and a few others we met down there said it is both relaxing and a sight to behold. There is multiple acres of land that has vineyards on the property, and a wine tasting event that happens often. Another great thing about this place, with it being summer and all, is there are various bands and such who come out to play and there are family – friendly activities going on – and the best part is it is free! I hope the hubs and I are able to check it out when we visit in September. (3)

7.  The back roads between Lebanon and Antioch – 

The reason I listen this was because Chris and I often find ourselves driving the back roads either between Nashville and Lebanon, or Lebanon and Antioch. It is relaxing to see all the animals, farm lands, and check out the amazing houses that have been built in these areas. If you enjoy hoping in the car and just going for a drive gazing at the scenery around you, this is definitely something you have to do when going down to Tennessee.

6. The OPRY MILLS Resort – 

For number six I listen Opry Mills because it is enormous, beautiful, and will make you stand in awe. We have never stayed here, but when Chris and I were engaged he took me in here for the first time. Now, you will have to check the site before going, because I am not sure if they allow outsiders anymore. However, if you are able to I would take a walk around the inside of the resort, and enjoy the many waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately you cannot use the waterpark unless you get a room there, but it is definitely on my bucket list to stay – even if it is to just attend the waterpark and see what the hotel rooms look like. (4)

5. The Grand Ole Opry – 

If you have never been to the Opry and did a backstage tour, it is definitely worth checking out. Chris took me when we were dating and I was like a kid in a candy store, I was grinning so hard that day my cheeks hurt the next morning. LOL There is so much to see here, and you even get a picture standing in front of the mic on stage. It is an experience that is a must when going to Nashville. (5)

4. The Bluebird Café – 

I have been trying since Chris and I were engaged to attend a show at this place. The problem we always had with it however, was that it is in downtown Nashville, and the traffic is horrible – to put it mildly. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nashville, and I been once to the downtown area, but the traffic is such a pain nine out of ten times if you want to do anything in the downtown area, you will be waiting in traffic for at least an hour – if not more. In saying that, this place is amazing and there has been so many local and well known artists come through their doors. This is a must if you are going to Nashville, and why it is my top 4 spot. (6)

3. The Local Eats – 

Now, there are various places to eat in Nashville, but my three favorites are the reason why they are in my top 3 spot. If you ever make it out to Nashville, you have to check out La Casa Fiesta, Shipley’s Do-nuts, and McNamara’s Irish Pub. Let me break each one down for you:

La Casa Fiesta – The food is delicious, the service is amazing, and I have never had a problem with waiting forever for our food or to get a refill. The only down side is the parking, but once you step inside, it is totally worth it. (7)

Shipley’s Do-nuts – Not only is their donuts made fresh every morning, but they have amazing coffee. Ever since Chris and I found them five or so years ago, I have been in love with this local company. You have to check this place out when you come into town. (8)

McNamara’s Irish Pub – If you like authentic Irish food – Shephard’s Pie, corn beef and cabbage, etc. – then you will love McNamara’s. Not only does it give that authentic feel, and is local to the community, but the food is delicious, the staff is amazing, and I believe they have a local band either every night, or on the weekends. There is a reason why this is in my top 3! (9)

2. Opry Mills Mall – 

I was debating whether this should be my first or my second favorite because I love everything about this place – and most times I don’t even buy anything when I am here! Even though there are a lot of big box store shops within the Mills Mall, I love the atmosphere there, as well as the fact they have an amazing Johnny Rockets! There is a store Chris and I found at the mall that used to be at the one in Franklin about five years ago, and it is operated by local artists within Nashville. We tried looking for it in Franklin this time around – since it has been a while that we were down there -, but couldn’t find it and thought they might have went out of business. Much to our surprise, it was a little smaller, yet still functioning within the Mills Mall. Also, another great thing they added over the last three or so years, was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. This is a fun little museum which showcases various country, blues, and now 1960s artist among a few others. Plus you get to dress up and get your pictures taken towards the end of the museum and take it home as a momentum to your visit. I absolutely love this shop and the rest of the Mills, and it is my top 2. (10)

1. Percy Priest Lake Trail

My all – time favorite, and the one place we visit whether we are driving through Nashville or actually vacationing here, is the Percy Priest Lake & Trail. I love this area because it is both beautiful and a great place to get a little exercise. Plus, now that they have finished the construction, you can now walk or ride your bike/scooter/etc. from the dam all the way down to Opry Mills which is about 20 miles – I think. I also love to smell the honeysuckle down the trail in the summer time! This is my favorite place in Nashville, and this is my top ten list! (11)

See anything on the list you liked? Have your own list? Tell me below, and share the post with a friend! Have a great Tuesday everyone!




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