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The holidays, writing more, and other nonsensical things


So since I am finally done with this quarter period of school, I have decided to start writing more on here. I know I have stated that before, but in all honesty I get so busy with my facebook and instagram, I sometimes feel like unless I have something profound and deep I can’t write on here. As the great Wil Wheaton stated not long ago, “in an effort to write more” I have chosen to start writing this season. It might be random, and it might not make much sense, but I have decided I need to show more love to this site then I have been.

This Christmas season is fast approaching, must faster than I would have liked….only because it is going to be gone faster than it came upon us. I have gotten some presents for my hubby, a few small things for the extending family, and spent more than what we had in our budget – but I know it will be worth it on Christmas day when they open their presents; they being my husband mostly cause I accidentally went overboard with his gifts this year. At any rate, I have decided to go back to doing some crocheting again, haven’t really started cause I am having a hard time and have become smart enough to realize I might need outside help – aka mom – to get me going along with the projects. I should be done by Christmas morn..of 2018 LOL just kidding but seriously.

So Chris and I have just come back from our one year Anniversary (Anni, as I like to call it!), and what do you know, it happened to be in the Smokies the week a forest fire started. In all honesty, it is really sad what happened, and I pray for all the families involved. However, it was a shame we couldn’t go hiking or take some pictures on the trails in Gatlinburg while we were there. We were about twenty minutes from the fires, but we could still smell and see the damage from afar….Even though we did have a nice relaxing and fun time, it was a shame to see those who lost their homes and such.


A lot of illness and such is going around with the family, we would appreciate your prayers! Also, I don’t feel like giving my Reboot for November or December so I am going to rank it as a D, It was a crazy two months, and I know I can do better. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a happy New Years.


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God is still on the throne

black and white cemetery christ church
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So one of the things I like to do once in a while is look up the daily or weekly challenges on WordPress to inspire me to write when I am have trouble coming up with something to post. Here is this week’s challenge:

For this week’s challenge, tell us the story of your special connection to one song (or another discrete musical composition, from a jazz tune to a techno track or opera aria). When did it start? How has it changed over time? Does the song’s meaning reside in the melody, the lyrics, the performer’s voice — or some other intangible element? – The Daily Post

So the song that has been rattling in my brain lately is from an artists I admire. His name is Steven Curtis Chapmen and he posted a video on Facebook November fourth. He mentioned how the elections have been really stressful this year, and has brought a lot of division among people. He said he was thinking about all of it, and decided to write a song about how no matter what happens, God is still on the throne. This has really been great for me, because sometimes I tend to forget that none of this surprises God, and regardless of who gets in office, He will and always has watched over me and my family. Check it out below, then tell me what you think in the comments. Happy Tuesday everyone, and remember, YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

Look for the video that is pinned.

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America United?


Before I begin, i just want to acknowledge all those who gave their lives defending this country on September 11, 2001. I want to tell the families who lost someone that my heart goes out to you, and you are in my prayers. May God be with each and every one of you.

In saying that, yesterday morning as i sat reading the paper and drinking my coffee, I was struck with a question, “Do countries who possess strong unity do so because of constant crisis?” So I did some research, and what i found were countries who seem to be united, such as South Korea, do so under fear of the North – now i could be wrong, but that is what it seems to me. Then you have countries like Switzerland, this country is wise when it comes to getting involved with other countries affairs, as well as possessing good trade and investments with them. They strive for peace and unity, and so far seems to be a good deal off, now of course they have their issues – everyone does -, but they seem to know how to keep division out.

What does this have to do with America? Well, Jennifer Peltz, who wrote the article i read yesterday, was posing the question, “How did we let unity slip away?” She interviewed a number of people who talk about the aftermath of 9/11 and how everyone in the country seemed to gather together to help the victims and families of those who tragically lost someone to the terrorist. One gentleman, Jon Hile said, “Everybody understood how quickly things could change…and how quickly you could feel vulnerable.” He goes on to describe the change he saw in the nation only a decade and a half later; “a nation in which economic stress has pushed people to look out for themselves, where people stick to their comfort zones.” He stated how he wished everyone would remember that terrible day like they always stated. Apparently the slogan, “We will never forget,” has been thrown to the wasteside, and left to be forgotten.

Not only does it seem people have forgotten how fragile life can be, but they also have become more racists and hateful according to Rana Singh Sodhi, another interviewee. He states how not long after the towers fell, his brother was shot while placing flowers at a memorial at his gas station. According to the prosecutors, the gunman mistook Sodhi’s brother – an Indian immigrant – for an Arab Muslim.  During that time, Sodhi says he remembers all those who came out to support him the night of his brothers death, and he could see the “greatness of unity” as he describes. He states however that in the last two years he has felt the world become more hateful and worries the politicians and media are stirring animosity toward immigrants and minorities. Now i personally believe that the media is more in favor for the minorities rising up and taking revenge, and in essence breeding more hate, but that is just my personal opinion. As Americans, it shouldn’t matter what your skin color is, or where you originally came from; we need to stand for the principles this nation was founding on. I have friends of all nationalities and all types of skin color, but it shames me to see others grouping a people based off of one individual. As a white woman in America, sometimes we do get privileges that i think is unfair, because this is not a white nation, it is a nation for all people and all backgrounds of life to come together for freedom. In saying that, i believe the media thrives off of poor black communities that teach to one up the white man cause you were done wrong. I am sorry i don’t believe this. Yes many of my people have treated you wrong back in the day, but we live in a different age, and honestly why would you want to stoop to their level? You are better than that!

What is it going to take to unify America again? Will it be another crisis? I hope not. Will it be another depression like when my grandparents were young? Maybe, if everyone keeps spending beyond their means. I believe that until we stop the race war between the ignorant black – not all blacks are ignorant, quite a few are very smart and are respectable model citizens -, and hateful white communities, division will always run ramped in this country. Once we begin teaching our young black students not to be hateful and when someone does you wrong to allow the justice system to take care of it – because right always wins in the end. No matter what color you are -, and regardless of what has been taught by your parents since you were little, you can become successful; and teach our white students to always lend a hand to those in need no matter their color, then and only then can we see unity back in this nation. Now this seems silly, and some are probably saying, “You just don’t get it because you are white.” Well, you know what? I know what it is like not having enough, and someone always telling me i can’t do this or i can’t do that. However, I CHOSE to rise above, and you have to do the same. It is hard, but the best things in life you have to work towards. Are you going to be bitter or better? It is your choice.


So in closing, what i am trying to say is this; over the last decade – in – a – half the country has become more hateful and prejudiced because the media has thrived off of stories where someone is killing or harming someone of another color; We have taken God out of our schools completely, and don’t talk about what true history is or what the Founding Fathers stood for and built this country on; and we have become a nation that believes we don’t need anyone but ourselves. This is the breeding ground for division, and the only way to create unity in America is if we start thinking of others, and no we shouldn’t let people walk all over us, but we need to learn how to have healthy relationships and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves – regardless of color!!! I don’t look to others for approval because my self-worth doesn’t come from them. I know who i am and who I belong to. My God is one of love – no matter where you come from or what color your skin is -, and He desires to give you life….real life not some superficial prepackaged garbage that you see on television. My God is one of peace and unity, and longs to have a relationship with all of us; and yes we live in a world where people do bad things, this world isn’t perfect and he gives everyone a choice, but when you trust in Him, He helps you learn to live a better life – not perfect, just better! I hope this made some sense to everyone. I just hate hate, and i don’t like it when others are bullying people, regardless of what color their skin is. Hate is hate, no matter who you are!


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The Wait


Lewis Tse Pui Lung


So starting September 19th I will officially be an online student for Drexel University. I am a bit nervous because i haven’t heard word from the scholarships i applied to, and I am too early for finding out what books to get, but other than that i am pretty excited to be finally getting back to finishing my degree. In saying that, the scholarships for school are not the only thing i am waiting on. My husband and I are waiting on word from something regarding his job, and that is what i want to discuss today.


Ugh, how i hate waiting…and i know, “the best things come to those who wait.” However, not knowing is the worst part, if i could at least hear whether it is in debate or something i know i would feel better….but nothing? Anyways, so while i wait i am occupying my time…or at least trying to. I have been busy with helping at church, doing a yard sale, and even trying to get my car fixed – it isn’t that bad, but there are a few things i didn’t realize would need taken care of. Alas, it still has me at the end of the day saying to myself, “Ugh, email or call already!!!” Have you ever had to wait on something important and felt like it was driving you batty? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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Life after i said “I DO”

Wedding day 1
My man and I after the ceremony!

So life has been non-stop since mine and Christopher’s wedding last November. It seems as though if he isn’t working constantly, then I am traveling across the river for meetings and such regarding my business – which I love, it is just taxing on our bodies and our vehicle -, or volunteering with events in my community; don’t get me wrong, I love them, I guess sometimes i just wish Chris and I could have more quality time together…you know? Anyway, I am just overjoyed with the blessings and open doors God has put before us! I think my bigger concern right now is knowing what is going out financially. We have done the Financial Peace University, I guess I just expected since going through the class we would not have to worry about our finances and things would be somewhat easier for us since we did all this pre planning and such before the wedding….I guess I was wrong.

On a lighter note, I am going to hopefully be in the Springfield area next weekend if anyone lives there and wants to meet up. Just give me a shout out and I will try to connect with you!