Why do we celebrate Valentines? I thought of this as we are fast approaching the holiday. Is it just so Hallmark and other company’s can push their sales? Is it for husbands – or wives, cause let’s be honest – can make up for stupid stuff done the rest of the year? I don’t … More A DAY TO LOVE

One Word Prompt

ABUNDANCE – AN AMPLE QUANTITY; AN ABUNDANT AMOUNT* In today’s Prompt, I decided to write about abundance, and when I think of the word this is what I picture:   However, maybe you are not a coffee person, maybe you think of this:                  Whatever you picture, I … More One Word Prompt

Nashville Or Bust

Sorry I was not able to write last Friday, it was a whirlwind of a weekend. In today’s #everydayinspiration  i am using the map of Nashville as my topic. Last Friday Chris and I went, along with my parents, to the Nashville, TN area. We started off by going to the Percy Priest Dam by … More Nashville Or Bust