Just Dropping In

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, Angie here! I just wanted to drop in and say hello and let you know that our articles on here will only be once a month due to my new job. Yes that’s right, I finally got a new job as a Teacher’s aid. In case some of you don’t know I run this blog, a blog for women, and a personal blog both for my husband and I, and one for myself. I know…crazy right? Well, one thing I’ve learned over the last month is I need to prioritize my time. Therefore, even though I’m writing on my personal blog – for myself -, and my blog for women, after work I don’t seem to have much time for a lot of other things. Because of this, I want to apologize and let you know there will be an article each month…it will just have to be once a month instead of each week. I hope you understand. My personal life comes first, and this is something I’m beginning to learn. I want to become a better writer and blogger, and in order to do that I need to take a step back. I will say however, if you are a woman and want to follow my two other blogs, that would be great. Like I said, the first one I share topics relating to women from a biblical perspective, the other is more of topics relating to the current season I’m in as a wife and educator, and really a look into my life on a more personal level. I hope you will check them out, and if you’re not subscribed to this blog make sure to sign up so each month you will get the article in your email. There are many things Chris and I hope to do this year and look forward to sharing them with you, but for now I will be only posting once a month updating you on our staycations and such. In the meantime please check out the other lifestyle bloggers that I follow and you can even go to Rick Steves site for wonderful travel ideas and stories!

Until next time, Happy Trails from Chris and Angie Frantz!

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