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Batman Building

Last week my hubs, Chris, and I took some vacation time and went to one of our favorite places – Nashville, TN. Today I decided to write about our trip, and some of our favorite places to go when we are in Tennessee. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can be notified anytime I create a new post.

First, I should say it has been about four years since the hubs and I have gone to Nashville, five if you include actually spending time outside of camping near Percy lake. Chris has gone down to Nashville off and on for over ten years before he met me. When we met, he mentioned how he plays an online game called, “World of Warcraft,” and that he had met some friends on there that live in Nashville, Tenn. To make a long story short, he mentioned there was a huge Renaissance Festival that happens throughout the month of May, and he would plan to go every Memorial weekend to hang out with his friends and check out the various activities. Then, when we got engaged we went down so I can meet them and we could check out the famous Castle that resides across from the festival. I loved the festival and Nashville so much that I kept wanting to go back, so after we got married we planned on coming back twice a year….well, four years later, lol. At any rate, we love Nashville, and the surrounding areas so much that I thought I would make a list of the top ten things I love best about Nashville Metro, from least to greatest.


10. Franklin Factory and outlet Shops –

Number ten would probably be the shops and factory in Franklin, Tenn. The Factory in Franklin was an old depression era factory that has since been converted in to various shops within the factory warehouse. There are so many rustic looking shops and classes that you can take – such as painting, potter, etc. – , and the last time we were down there, they had a few sculptures made out of medal. Plus if you like some of the big box stores, they are just a few minutes further. (1)

9. Lebanon Square – 

Another great place to check out is Lebanon Square, about northeast of Nashville. There is not much shops within the square per say, but the ones they have are amazing. We went down there this last time, and they have a few boutiques now, along with a great bar and grill type of restaurant that serves burgers, fish, and your all around American food. I highly recommend this to anyone who is going down to visit the outer parts of Nashville, and looking for some local shops and restaurants. (2)

8. Hermitage Winery – 

So I have to confess I haven’t actually been here. However, our friends and a few others we met down there said it is both relaxing and a sight to behold. There is multiple acres of land that has vineyards on the property, and a wine tasting event that happens often. Another great thing about this place, with it being summer and all, is there are various bands and such who come out to play and there are family – friendly activities going on – and the best part is it is free! I hope the hubs and I are able to check it out when we visit in September. (3)

7.  The back roads between Lebanon and Antioch – 

The reason I listen this was because Chris and I often find ourselves driving the back roads either between Nashville and Lebanon, or Lebanon and Antioch. It is relaxing to see all the animals, farm lands, and check out the amazing houses that have been built in these areas. If you enjoy hoping in the car and just going for a drive gazing at the scenery around you, this is definitely something you have to do when going down to Tennessee.

6. The OPRY MILLS Resort – 

For number six I listen Opry Mills because it is enormous, beautiful, and will make you stand in awe. We have never stayed here, but when Chris and I were engaged he took me in here for the first time. Now, you will have to check the site before going, because I am not sure if they allow outsiders anymore. However, if you are able to I would take a walk around the inside of the resort, and enjoy the many waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately you cannot use the waterpark unless you get a room there, but it is definitely on my bucket list to stay – even if it is to just attend the waterpark and see what the hotel rooms look like. (4)

5. The Grand Ole Opry – 

If you have never been to the Opry and did a backstage tour, it is definitely worth checking out. Chris took me when we were dating and I was like a kid in a candy store, I was grinning so hard that day my cheeks hurt the next morning. LOL There is so much to see here, and you even get a picture standing in front of the mic on stage. It is an experience that is a must when going to Nashville. (5)

4. The Bluebird Café – 

I have been trying since Chris and I were engaged to attend a show at this place. The problem we always had with it however, was that it is in downtown Nashville, and the traffic is horrible – to put it mildly. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nashville, and I been once to the downtown area, but the traffic is such a pain nine out of ten times if you want to do anything in the downtown area, you will be waiting in traffic for at least an hour – if not more. In saying that, this place is amazing and there has been so many local and well known artists come through their doors. This is a must if you are going to Nashville, and why it is my top 4 spot. (6)

3. The Local Eats – 

Now, there are various places to eat in Nashville, but my three favorites are the reason why they are in my top 3 spot. If you ever make it out to Nashville, you have to check out La Casa Fiesta, Shipley’s Do-nuts, and McNamara’s Irish Pub. Let me break each one down for you:

La Casa Fiesta – The food is delicious, the service is amazing, and I have never had a problem with waiting forever for our food or to get a refill. The only down side is the parking, but once you step inside, it is totally worth it. (7)

Shipley’s Do-nuts – Not only is their donuts made fresh every morning, but they have amazing coffee. Ever since Chris and I found them five or so years ago, I have been in love with this local company. You have to check this place out when you come into town. (8)

McNamara’s Irish Pub – If you like authentic Irish food – Shephard’s Pie, corn beef and cabbage, etc. – then you will love McNamara’s. Not only does it give that authentic feel, and is local to the community, but the food is delicious, the staff is amazing, and I believe they have a local band either every night, or on the weekends. There is a reason why this is in my top 3! (9)

2. Opry Mills Mall – 

I was debating whether this should be my first or my second favorite because I love everything about this place – and most times I don’t even buy anything when I am here! Even though there are a lot of big box store shops within the Mills Mall, I love the atmosphere there, as well as the fact they have an amazing Johnny Rockets! There is a store Chris and I found at the mall that used to be at the one in Franklin about five years ago, and it is operated by local artists within Nashville. We tried looking for it in Franklin this time around – since it has been a while that we were down there -, but couldn’t find it and thought they might have went out of business. Much to our surprise, it was a little smaller, yet still functioning within the Mills Mall. Also, another great thing they added over the last three or so years, was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. This is a fun little museum which showcases various country, blues, and now 1960s artist among a few others. Plus you get to dress up and get your pictures taken towards the end of the museum and take it home as a momentum to your visit. I absolutely love this shop and the rest of the Mills, and it is my top 2. (10)

1. Percy Priest Lake Trail

My all – time favorite, and the one place we visit whether we are driving through Nashville or actually vacationing here, is the Percy Priest Lake & Trail. I love this area because it is both beautiful and a great place to get a little exercise. Plus, now that they have finished the construction, you can now walk or ride your bike/scooter/etc. from the dam all the way down to Opry Mills which is about 20 miles – I think. I also love to smell the honeysuckle down the trail in the summer time! This is my favorite place in Nashville, and this is my top ten list! (11)

See anything on the list you liked? Have your own list? Tell me below, and share the post with a friend! Have a great Tuesday everyone!




  10. A)   B)




3 thoughts on “Nashville, TN

  1. We visited Nashville for the first time last summer. We’d only a few days so really confined ourselves to downtown and the opry. Would love to return some day and see other parts of the city


  2. Loved reading this! My husband and I lived in meet at Trevecca and lived in Nashville for a while. It was our first home together and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. One of our favorite places to eat was the Spaghetti Factory – loved it!


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