Staying Charged Up

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In a world where everyone is addicted to being busy, how do we stay connected with friends, family, and more importantly, God? In today’s post, I will share how being productive far outweighs being busy, and is definitely more fulfilling!

Since January, I have come to realize that God doesn’t desire me to be busy…and lately, that has been the case. I have realized I’m allowing life to get in the way of my relationship with God, my husband, and people I consider my close friends! I know I am not the only one though, because those who I thought were my friends have allowed life to get busy and every time I want to schedule us to hang out, well, the only response I get from them is, “sorry I am just so busy, but I can text,” and sometimes I don’t even get much of that. I am not condemning those who have texted me that, but it is giving me mixed messages as to whether you really want to be friends or just keeping up appearances.

Anyways, as I was saying, I am really busy this semester with working as a teacher’s aid, doing music and teaching for the Christian program I volunteer for, and helping with other various things throughout the week. I am enjoying the fact that I am keeping busy, but also feel a little isolated when it comes to my friends and keeping in contact with them. I find it funny the program I volunteer with is talking about using our senses to experience God in our lives. This has been helpful for me because the first one is about being still and looking for God in my everyday life.

How this relates to staying connected:

Through all the things I’m doing every day of the week, I am not just being productive, I am still feeling full and refreshed instead of feeling depleted and tired. I am learning to stay connected to God through prayer and reading the Bible, and this is giving me the energy to endure the week and not get tired out or experience fatigue. I am also learning to be content with where I am in life right now. There are things I would like to do, and people I would like to spend time with, but I am learning to just take each day one minute at a time and stay in the moment in a sense. I also am setting little goals for myself throughout the month, and I am taking time to rest – go to bed early(since I get up early), spending some “me time” where I am either reading a book; watching a show; or just enjoying nature by myself, and take time to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. After all, the Bible says in order to love others I need to love myself, and I am learning how to do that.

In conclusion,

I am learning to spend time with God in the morning before going to work, I am taking proper care of myself and speaking words of affirmation over myself, and I am learning to be content with myself and what is going on in my life right now. By doing this, I’m staying productive, listening for God with my senses and for His voice, and finding ways to serve others. I know if this has helped me, it will help others. I hope this has been a light for you, if in fact you are feeling depleted and find yourself comparing with others. Let me know your thoughts below and some things you are doing to stay productive and fight off the busyness of life.

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