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Good morning everyone, or for some of you afternoon! I hope you are having a good Monday, and hope this post finds you well. I wanted to share a bit of news I came across as I was drinking my coffee and checking emails. Make sure to check out the links provided so you can read the articles in its entirety and then come back here and discuss with us your thoughts on the matter. As always, remember to be kind, and just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean they are wrong, just different. Without further ado, let’s get started!

State of Emergency for Nigeria?
The National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) says that heavy rains are the cause of overflow from the Niger and Benue Rivers resulting in over one hundred deaths recently. Because of the river banks bursting it has caused a series of floods across the country for over two weeks, with rural areas being the most vulnerable. The government has urged those along the waterways to relocate to someplace safe. BBC’s Is’haq Khalid, from the capital Abuja, mentioned that thousands of people have been displaced and vast swathes of farmlands are being destroyed in the process due to the flooding in central and southern Nigeria. The worst hit was in Niger state, where over forty people have died, according to Nema director Mustapha Yunusa Maihaja. Analysts are blaming the recurring flood disasters on lack of proper town planning, along with the blocked waterways and poor drainage systems throughout the country. To read the article in full, please visit MSN’s page here for more.

Deputy Sheriff from Kansas shot and killed in line of duty
According to Fox News website, Sheriff Deputy Robert Kunze III, from Sedgwick county in Kansas, was killed in the line of duty. The article talks about how Deputy Kunze was responding to a “suspicious character call” and at 1:48pm on Sunday he administered his emergency button to alert the dispatch he had been shot. The article goes on to say, “When a responding deputy arrived, he saw Kunze laying on his side next to the victim, who was laying face down on the ground next to a ’40 caliber weapon.’ “To read the article in its full entirety click here for more.

SpaceX to reveal its first passenger for a private trip to the moon??
On’s website there was an article about SpaceX finally being able to send their first passenger on a private solo trip to the moon. According to the article, the private spaceflight company SpaceX will reveal tonight its first passenger for a trip around the moon using the company’s massive BFR rocket (the name stands for Big Falcon Rocket). The webcast will air online tonight (Sept. 17) at 9/8 central at their Hawthorne, CA headquarters, courtesy of SpaceX. According to the article, this has been something SpaceX has hinted at for a while on their twitter page, and now after tonight it might become a reality, one where in the future regular citizens of planet earth might just be able to take. Of ‘course, the company still needs to build the BFR for such things, but to see the once in a lifetime event, as well as being able to check out the rest of the article, click here for more.

American – Israeli activist stabbed by Palestinian teen over weekend.
In an article, by Yahoo! News that was put out on Saturday (Sept. 15), An American – Israeli activist was fatally stabbed by a Palestinian teenager outside of a busy mall near the West Bank in Jerusalem.
Ari Fuld was a U.S. born activist and well – known in the local settler community, along with being an outspoken Israel advocate on social media. Video footage showed Fuld running and firing upon his assailant before collapsing, then shows other civilians firing upon him as he was leaving the scene. The Israeli media has identified the assailant as a 17 – year – old from a nearby Palestinian village, and reports he was in moderate condition. For Fuld, however, a 45 – year – old father of four who lived in the nearby settlement of Efrat, he was evacuated to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Fuld was a well – known English – language internet commenter on current affairs and the weekly Torah lesson. The article goes on to say he was known for his hard – line nationalist ideology and strong support for the Israeli military. To read the article in its entirety click here for more.

That is all the news for today. Hope you have a good rest of your Monday and as always;
Be Kind, be loving, and stay awesome!
Angie Frantz

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