Reboot Update April Ed.

pexels-photo-818790.jpegHello everyone! I hope you are having a good Wednesday so far. So i wanted to update all of you on my reboot I decided to do a few months back. March was pretty hectic, and between the hubs and I we have been fighting off the seasonal allergies and sickness. Since April is almost up, I thought i would give a quick update, and share some exciting news.

Reboot Breakdown:

  1. Read 1-2 books a month – not including comics.
  2. Write 2-3 times a week.
  3. Find one new artists(Musically) a month.
  4. Do something creative/brings me joy 2 times a month.
  5. See a need, meet a need – Find one cause to support each month, or two small projects that helps others 2 times a month.
  6. Walk more – try to hit my goal of 10K(because I am babysitting a newborn I changed this to 3K for now) at least 2 times per week, not including Sundays – I walk a bunch on this day because I help with setting up and the coffee shop at church.
  7. Cook more – I want to create delicious and healthy recipes at least 2 times per month. That means two weeks out of the month I will cook something that is both healthy and taste good. I actually have my Sis to help with this, and the full details/video will be on the Facebook Page.
  8. Have a Date with the Hubs – I want to get back to having a date night/day with my man and do something fun that he likes to do – and this will give us a chance to get out of the house.
  9. Top 5 Affirmation Sheet – I will write five things I like about myself, and things I am discovering about myself, each month. Besides Words of Affirmation being one of my love languages, this is just good to do in the world we live in today.
  10. Live a Healthier Life – I have decided to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet, and so I have challenged myself to add at least one fruit – other than oranges -, and one veggie – other than green beans – into my weekly food intake. I am also going to incorporate more water and less sugary drinks such as soda, and less coffee. I drink tea on occasion, so that isn’t an issue – especially since it is Jasmin or green -, but I don’t drink much water currently.


Read A Book: C

I gave this score because the book I chose has been really challenging for me, I barely got through a chapter last month, and the only thing I been reading lately has been comics, or little pamphlets for my business. So, even though I read a little bit, it still wasn’t great.

Write More: F

Well, we all know I didn’t do this….and I feel bad, but I have been learning lately not to beat myself up and to be more positive about me. Therefore, I choose to do better in May…besides I am turning 31 and I need to learn to embrace who I really am, whatever that may be at the moment.

Expand My Musical Pallet: C

I would put an F, but honestly there has been a few new artists on the radio lately, or a new band – to me – that i have started listening to, but i don’t jot them down when i hear them….therefore, I have made steps into the right direction, but it is more like walking in wet sand that taking big strides.

Do Something Creative/Celebrate ME: A

I think I have done pretty well for myself, I have walked more – which we will discuss this later -, and took up a new business that brings me joy, as well as spent time with friends. So even though I want to give this a B, i have to admit I did good this month.

See A Need: D 

For this I didn’t just ignore it, but I also wasn’t adamant about it either. What I mean is, I helped a few people this week with mundane everyday stuff, but it wasn’t over the top, donate a bunch of money to a charity thing either. So this would fall somewhere between the C and F scale.

Walk More: B

I still haven’t hit my 10K goal, but I have been walking more, and even increased my steps to 5K. That may not seem much to most people, but when you are babysitting a 4 – almost five – month old, it is huge.

Cook More: F

And a great big one at that! Lately I have worked a lot of hours, been feeling like crap, and just wanted some comfort food. Granite there has been more protein in my diet, but still haven’t had many “healthy” food like I should. I will say however, I am getting more water in, so that is a plus…eh maybe my grade should be a C.

Dating my Man: B

I would say we kinda did this within the month at least once. We went for a walk one day, and then just hung out going driving and such another day. When you are married, and your hubs is the sole provider, this is huge…and that is why I ranked it as a B.

Top 5: A

I actually have been doing really well with this because of a challenge my business has done for the month of April. I have missed a few days here and there, but overall I have done really well. You should check out my Instagram to see for yourself.

Live a healthier life: A

The past month I have been figuring out who I am, what I like, and who my real friends are. It has been both refreshing and satisfying to come to my center and walk this journey to a better me. I am starting to understand things about myself I never knew before. For example, I really like owning my own business and being my own boss; I also really like to spend a lot of time alone, and doing things by myself. I also enjoy photography and hope one day I can become a professional landscape and experimental – takes photos of people and things and adds a unique texture and life to it – photographer. I also really, really, really, like gaming, comics, and dubstep.

Anyways, that is my list. How have you made your life a little brighter this month? Please share your encouraging thoughts below.

Be kind and share some love today,

Angela Irene


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