New Music Monday March Ed.

smartphone-vintage-technology-music.jpgHey everyone, hope you’re having a good Monday! Before I get started I just want to thank all those who follow our blog, if you are new here or haven’t subscribed yet, I encourage you to click the link on the right.  When you subscribe I will send you an email when i add a new post – and don’t worry, I won’t spam your email.

For today’s post I am going back to sharing a few new artists I came across in the past few weeks, as always, they may not be new to you, or new in general, however, they are new to me. I also wanted to start sharing this more because if you have read my Reboot post, then you know I have been wanting to expand my music pallet. So, shall we begin?

J. Balvin – Latin Hip Hop

ginza-j-balvinJ. Balvin is an artist I found recently on my satellite radio in my car. He is a Latin Hip – Hop artist, and is really good. I found him on YouTube, and he has all sorts of videos that are very entertaining. You can check it out here.



CNCO – Latin Pop

CNCO Band.jpgCNCO is made up of five young guys and is what I consider to be a Latin Pop group. I came across their YouTube VEVO channel while listening to J. Balvin, and they are both entertaining as well as having amazing vocals. Click here to check out their channel.






Pedro Victor AKA DJ PV – Electric

DJ PVPedro Victor is an amazing DJ and composer who goes by the name DJ PV. He plays electric music, and is very talented. If you would like to check him out you can go to his YouTube channel for more.






Cameron Moore – Indi. Worship 


Cameron Moore is one of the artists I came across through New Release Today – or NRT -, and is an independent worship artist from North Carolina. He has an amazing voice, and his range is astounding! You can check out his website by clicking here.



 Davii – Electric


Davii is another artist that I came across online as I was listening to J. Balvin and my satellite radio. Davii sings electric music and is really great to listen to if you need a good beat or something to put on in the background to get you going through the day. You can check him out here.



That is all the artists I have for today. Comment below with which ones were your favorite, or an artist you think I might want to check out. As always, make sure to share this with others, hit the subscribe button on the right, and be kind to others.

Till next time, Angie

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