Reboot March P1

March Reboot 1Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week thus far. Can you believe we are officially two weeks into March? So far the last week has been really good for me, and I even got to catch up with a few friends I hadn’t spoke to in a while, which was totally refreshing. Before I get started with an update on my reboot thus far, I would like to welcome all those who have subscribed to the blog, and anyone who is just passing through. If you are new here and haven’t read my Reboot post you can check it out by clicking the link here. I should mention that I will be giving not only a description of how I am doing so far, but also will be using a grading system: A – I accomplished the task -, B – I only got to the task most of the time I wanted or partially completed it -, C – I didn’t get to complete the task much -, and F – I failed to do the task that was given. Let’s revisit my list.

  1. Read 1-2 books a month – not including comics.
  2. Write 2-3 times a week.
  3. Find one new artists(Musically) a month.
  4. Do something creative/brings me joy 2 times a month.
  5. See a need, meet a need – Find one cause to support each month, or two small projects that helps others 2 times a month.
  6. Walk more – try to hit my goal of 10K(because I am babysitting a newborn I changed this to 3K for now) at least 2 times per week, not including Sundays – I walk a bunch on this day because I help with setting up and the coffee shop at church.
  7. Cook more – I want to create delicious and healthy recipes at least 2 times per month. That means two weeks out of the month I will cook something that is both healthy and taste good. I actually have my Sis to help with this, and the full details/video will be on the Facebook Page.
  8. Have a Date with the Hubs – I want to get back to having a date night/day with my man and do something fun that he likes to do – and this will give us a chance to get out of the house.
  9. Top 5 Affirmation Sheet – I will write five things I like about myself, and things I am discovering about myself, each month. Besides Words of Affirmation being one of my love languages, this is just good to do in the world we live in today.
  10. Live a Healthier Life – I have decided to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet, and so I have challenged myself to add at least one fruit – other than oranges -, and one veggie – other than green beans – into my weekly food intake. I am also going to incorporate more water and less sugary drinks such as soda, and less coffee. I drink tea on occasion, so that isn’t an issue – especially since it is Jasmin or green -, but I don’t drink much water currently.

So that is my list for my Reboot, and here are my scores thus far, (I will do a final score at the end of the month when i do my second post on this):

  1. Read 1 – 2 Books a month: A

I am giving myself an A because I have just started reading the book. The one I chose is on my Kindle app and is written by Dee Henderson. The name of the book, which is the first of six, is called, “Danger in the Shadows: The O’Malley Collection.” So far the book is really good, and the main character is a woman who apparently has an interesting past with her twin getting killed. I look forward to how this turns out.

2.  Write 2 – 3 times a week: A

I am giving this an A because, well, I have already completed it with my Short-Story Saturday post and this one. If I do really well for the next few months, I think I am going to increase this to 3-4 times a week.

3.  Find one new artist a month: F

So far I haven’t really found any new artists, mainly because I have just been listening to my Sirius Radio on the way to my job, and then I listen to Praise and Worship in the morning as the baby naps, and either Italian Pop or Spanish Pop in the afternoons. But I will see what I find this weekend when I am off.

4.  Do something creative/brings me joy 2 times per month: C

The only reason I put a C on here is because I already have something fun I do in my downtime and that is play World of Warcraft online, but I am hoping to find something either new or other than playing online.

5.  See a need, meet a need: C

I put C on here because I still haven’t found anything for this, but there are a few places I have thought of and I am deciding which ones, or one, I will do.

6.  Walk more: C

I put C because I actually walked close to 5k yesterday alone. I didn’t get much else in, but I am hopeful I will do more, if nothing else it will be on Friday and Saturday when I am helping out at the conference I will be attending(which I think counts also as a see a need and meet it)

7.  Cook more: C

I chose a C because since I only have Friday off this week, and after talking with my SIL – sis, I will be making a yummy dish that is both healthy and amazing. Since I am making it Friday, I will post the video and such on the Facebook Page and on my YouTube channel next week.

8. Date my hubby: F

I haven’t really done anything, and we have been so busy, which means I will prob. not be able to get to it till next weekend.

9.  Make an Affirmation list: C

I haven’t really wrote down my affirmations, but i have been mentioning them in my prayers. I will try and get them down this week.

10.  Live a healthier life: B

I put a B because I have made steps into living a healthier life, and one where I don’t just live it but I enjoy every moment and learn to embrace my true self. One of the things I have done is experiment with all natural essential oils. So far this has been amazing, and I am looking forward to a more toxic and chemical – free lifestyle. Also, for the last two days I have been doing at least 34 oz. of water with some of my all natural Lemon oil and it is really good! I actually love the taste of the water! LOL I am hopeful to increase my water intake in the next few months. Finally, another thing I have done is take time to just sit and ponder & pray about what the Lord has planned for me this year. I have been doing some soul searching to figure out who I am, what kind of person i am, and the things that bring me joy. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but as soon as I do I will let you know!

Well, that is my list for now. Hope you enjoyed. If you want to win this months mystery prize, then comment below with one positive thing you are doing for yourself, along with subscribing and then going to the Facebook page and making sure you like it so you can follow along with me on my journey!

Have an awesome day, and remember to be kind to others!




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