Short Story Saturday: Making A House A Home

In today’s short story i will be writing about making a house a home. This story is birthed out of my own struggle to maintain a clean home in the midst of mine and my husband’s crazy work schedules and the busyness of life. Thankfully we don’t have children yet, or our home would look more like a war zone! Without further ado, i present to you:

Making A House A Home


Angela Frantz

Irene wakes up at 4am each morning, thanking the Lord for another day. She then proceeds to start her morning ritual; brush her teeth, tame her wild hair, and make a cup of coffee. Today is Monday, and it seems like the weekend was way too short, but Irene is thankful she gets to see her friend’s baby that she cares for. See, Irene doesn’t yet have littles of her own yet, and so she cherished the moments she gets to babysit for her friends, it is a chance to love on them and fill the gap of not having conceived yet. Also, because she works 10 hour days, and her husband works in the mornings, they can barely care for their fur baby and keep the house from looking like a danger zone. Most of her friends call it “lived in”, but she knows in the back of her mind her mother and in laws complain to others about the way she “manages her house”. Some days it is all she can do to not set fire to her belongings and start over, but with working the shift she does, and not getting much help from her husband she doesn’t have time. Life always seems to get in the way, and she has to make excuses for not only saying no to her friends invites, but allowing anyone over to visit. Irene dreams of a small home in the country, one where she gets to stay home all the time and keep the place tidy and neat. She knows life is busy, but one day she hopes to make her house a home!

Hope you enjoyed this short story. If there is a topic you would like me to write about, head on over to my contact section and send me a message. Have a good weekend!


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