One Word Prompt


In today’s Prompt, I decided to write about abundance, and when I think of the word this is what I picture:


However, maybe you are not a coffee person, maybe you think of this: pexels-photo-772278.jpeg









Whatever you picture, I want you to think of something that makes you truly happy and brings the purest joy – then think of it in abundance, a lifetime supply if you will. Got it? Ok here we go…

Do you live life in abundance? Do you cherish each moment of your day and make the most of it? How would you live life if you had an abundant amount of Joy, peace, patience, and not just love for others, but an unconditional love for you from someone? Well, you may be thinking that is impossible, but for me it is something that I am learning to embrace…because see for me? It is a reality.

The only resolution I set for myself on New Years, and I keep setting for myself every month for the rest of this year, is to grow in love and joy and live each moment on purpose. The best way to do that, from what i have been noticing is spending time with my Jesus, and being intentional in my relationships. When I say being intentional, what i mean is doing one thing around my house – usually it seems to just be dishes and cooking -, and making sure that i am not on my phone or computer when my husband gets home so we can talk and spend time with each other without the distractions of technology. Now sure, we will watch some shows or whatever an hour or so before bed, but that is because we invested in one another after he got home until that point. Also, I am learning ways to be intentional in my church family and how i serve others. I am finding ways to be kind, loving, and help in practical ways each Sunday when we go to set up for service. I also don’t play the comparison game; in other words, I don’t care what you think about me. The only opinion about myself that matters is my relationship with Jesus and what He says over me. I have learned to accept myself, in all of its glory, and just be ok with making small steps of progress. And finally, I think the other way I am being intentional is by letting my friends and family know that i cherish them.

As I take steps, and work hard to enjoy each moment of the day – even when some days are a little funky and my bed beckons me -, I have found that is the key to living in abundance and truly enjoying your life. What are some changes you need to make to start enjoying your life in every little moment? What steps have you taken to improve your life and how have they helped you? Let me know in the comments below, and as always don’t forget to follow us and share the site with your friends!!


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