New Music Monday’s


Hey everyone, we’re back and here is the list of artists we’ll be talking about: NineClub, Roy Tosh, For All Seasons, LoveCollide, and The Walls Group. So grab your favorite winter time beverage, call up your friends, and cozy up to today’s New Music Monday!


NineClub – Keep On

NineClub is a Pop/Rock trio. I just found this song and thought it was pretty interesting and was good music to listen to in the background as I write and stuff. I like it most because it has an electric mix feel to it, and if you like techno or electric, this is a good band to check out. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Roy Tosh - Stronger

Roy Tosh – Stronger

As I was looking across music on YouTube, I found Roy Tosh and his song, “Stronger”. Tosh has a Rap/Urban sound to it and this song has a pretty good beat, while making it easy on the ears as you are doing homework, housework, or just need something chill to listen to. If you grew up with artists like Usher and JLO, then you will love this song! Check out his site here, and then let me know in the comments below what you thought!

For All Seasons

For All Season’s – Clarity

For All Seasons is a Pop/Rock trio and as I listened to this song I loved how the lead singer had a stunning range to her voice. It is a bit slow, in m opinion, and after listening to “Higher” I preferred that one over it…but overall, this is a decent band to listen to. Check out their website here.


LoveCollide – I Don’t Want It

Love Collide are two sisters who have a Pop/Rock sound to them. It is a pretty chill song, with a few awesome beats. I love the vocal range of both girls, and the videos are pretty stunning. I don’t know if they are twins or just look a lot a like, but these girls are pretty good. I would consider listening to more of their music. Check out the site here for more.

The Walls Group.jpg

The Walls Group – My Life

The Walls Group are made up of four people and have a Hip Hop/R&B sound to them. I actually came across them while writing today’s article and listening to Roy Tosh. The sound is pretty upbeat, has good vocals, and the video is pretty impressive! I think I liked this band the most out of this weeks picks. If you want to know more about them and check out their music click the link here.

That is my list for this week. Which artists were your favorite and if you have a list of your own share them below so I can check them out! As always, make sure to follow the blog, share with others, and spread some kindness in your world today!



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