2017 Year in review


So I know this is a bit late, but today’s writing prompt is about writing a list, and the one i chose was things I have learned. Here is what I learned in 2017:

  1. God loves me, and life on planet earth sucks, sometimes God will intervene and make it not so bad, but other times he uses the bad situations to make us stronger. This was hard for me to understand at first, but then after a few rough patches I understood what it meant – that death is not the end, and the ugliness of the world can’t destroy me.
  2. Never take your family for granite, even as messed up as they are, sometimes there are family members who actually care.
  3. Good church and friends are rare, and Jesus will use the most unlikely people to pick you up when you fall. My church family has really been there for the hubs and I this past year. There are a lot of churches that pretend to be followers of Jesus and all they do is gossip and show hatred, or play favorites with the staff families and those who have a lot of money, but if you look hard enough and ask God to help, you find the right place to be. In those times, it becomes less like a religion, and more like a family that strive to be people of excellence.
  4. Finally, I learned that the only approval i need is from my Papa! I learned that it doesn’t matter what people say to me, what they do, or even what they think of me; because ultimately the main person I want to please is Jesus and I want to help people see that He loves them and wants to pour out his love and acceptance onto them. I learned that you can not please everyone, and I just need to be me…when I do, everything else will fall into place. After All, if you have love, then kindness and goodness, and joy will follow!!!!


This is my list. What are some things you have learned over the past year? Share them below and as always, remember to follow the blog, share it with others, and be kind to all those you come in contact with today!

Till Next Time,


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