New Music Monday


Hello Peoples! Angie here and I have been debating on doing one of these, but I love music so much i couldn’t help but share. So for the next month or so, give or take a few, I will be doing what I like to call, “New Music Monday” and I will be sharing new music that I have come across or am currently listening to. It may or may not be new to you, but I thought i would share it and get your thoughts on these artists. So without further ado, here is “New Music Monday”.




The first band I want to talk about isn’t really new, however they only have two – I feel like there is a third somewhere, but i don’t remember – EPs and are currently working on their very first full album. I have followed this band, for the most part, over the last six or so years. I have both of their EPs and love their style of music, plus they just look really cool! Deena Jakoub (Vocals) and Brandon Brown (Electric Guitar), were in a band in TX for a while before moving to Nashville, TN and meeting Kyle Levy(Drums) and forming the band VERIDIA. They have an electric/rock sound to them and they have sung on multiple occasions with bands like Evanescence. I am super excited for this new album they are working on and know it is going to be epic. If you want to check them out hit up their Facebook page for more info.

The Young Escape

Young EscapeThe Young Escape is made up of siblings; Ryan, McKenna, Krysten, and Luke Johns. They are a worship band with a Pop and Dance/Electric edge sound. Originally from Southern California they grew up listening and watching bands like Hawk Nelson, Audio Adrenaline, and Toby Mac at festivals. Last fall they opened for Crowder, and I am sure will bring a new sound to Worship in 2018. You can check their Facebook page out for more by clicking here.

Brooke Robertson

Brooke RobertsonBrooke is a Louisiana resident who is known for doing worship covers on YouTube, Her music eventually fell into the hands of Seventh Day Slumber band member Jeremy Holderfield, and they began working on a four song EP entitled, “Have My Heart”. She has a pop worship sound to her, and as far as vocals go, this girl is on fire! To check her out check out her YouTube Channel by here for more.



Maddie Rey

Maddie ReyMaddie Rey is a teenager born to pastors Luis and Tricia Reyes, who are founders of Church of Joy and the first ones to start Sidewalk Sunday Schools. She has a Hip-Hop sound to her, and host a show online called, “The Maddie Rey Show” where she teaches teens to live bold for Jesus through music and other outlets. Maddie’s third album, “Overflow” drops June 14th. You can find her music and more by clicking here.



Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh – The GFM Band

GFM band.jpgGold, Frankincense, and Myrrh – or GFM – are a band that has introduced a new genre to the music industry. The band is made up of the sisters; CJ (guitar and vocals), Maggie (bass, keys, and vocals), and LuLu (drums); and they are bringing forth what they call, “Beautycore” which is a mix of hard rock and metalcore, played exclusively by females. The band began touring in 2014, and mentioned they are “a new breed rising” from the song they did entitled, “Graveyard of Identities.” Not only are they awesome to watch perform, but their videos are insane as well….don’t believe me check this video out here. Recently their two – year – old album “Stuck in my Suicide” took the top spot on Billboard’s Christian Rock Most Added chart. They have played at various festivals including Rock Fest 2017 with bands such as Seventh Day Slumber and Scarlet White. I definitely look forward to what they have in store, and if you would like to check them out click here for more info.

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens.jpg

Now, apparently I jumped on the bandwagon a little late with this guy, because he is pretty famous on YouTube; his name is Peter Hollens and he is a famous American Pop singer and A Capella cover artist. He has done a crazy amount of covers, I’m talking about music from World of Warcraft to classic Christmas hits, this guy has done pretty much everything! Not only does he have over 1.5 million subscribers on his channel, but his videos have reached over a quarter of a billion views since 2011. He has done many collaborations with artists such as Jamie Grace, Jason Mraz, and Hunter Hayes. If that doesn’t blow you away, he also appeared in five episodes of the television show “The Sing Off” and has now added producer to his resume. For more info on Peter, or to sign up for his classes he just started – I would say voice coach, but it expounds way beyond just training your voice -, click here.

That is my list of artist I have been exposed to over the last two weeks; if you have a top six list of artist you like or recently found out about share them in the comments below and as always don’t forget to hit that follow button below.

Remember to be kind and have an awesome day!

Angie Frantz





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