It’s 2017 Y’all!


blur bokeh bright burnt

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Hello!! We are officially in 2017! There were some good times, such as the Cubs finally winning the World Series! Insert extremely happy face. And some amazing movies came out! Then there were some bad moments….Ghostbusters. I am just going to leave that there. All in all, it wasn’t that bad. Anyways, We have a You Tube Channel now…and a twitter, and a Periscope and Facebook – just in case you’re new here. In the top right corner there is a few icons for their appropriate link, please feel free to check them out. I will be posting a video really soon on You Tube….unless you are a late comer to the party and don’t view this till like next weekend or something…..then Guess What?? I have a new video….Yay!! Anyways, haha….Sorry this is kinda short I just mainly wanted to say hi and let you know about the YouTube channel….Ok well, as always check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and now you can subscribe to our YouTube and periscope! Don’t forget to tell your friends….or your neighbors – if they want to read and watch some crazy chick from IL….whatever. Ok peoples,

Peace Out!

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