A Christmas without You – Mourning those we love.

I know I have stated this in the past, but in case you forgot or are new here I just want to reiterate it. I created this blog and the site to be a place where I can share issues that are real and matter to all of you. My hope is by being real and sharing my heart I can help someone in need and maybe save a life. There is so much bullying going on now days, way more than when I was a kid, and my prayer is just to let people know I care and I get it. So in this post today I want to share what has been on my heart lately. My grandma and best friend passed away three years ago – almost five months to the day -, and so every Christmas is a challenge. However, this Christmas is especially hard because my husband and I have been married a year and we are thinking about children. Anyone who tells you that the pain gets easier over the years has never lost anyone. I am here to tell you that there will be good days and bad days, and during the holidays the only thing to focus on is the good relationships you still have on earth and that Jesus is truly the only one that understands. Without Him, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning.

The song that has been resonating in my heart the past few weeks is the song, “Hallelujah”specifically the one by the Cloverton band. Check it out here. I love it because it is simple, talks about how Jesus understands our pain, and how it is ok to cry for those we love! In a time where everyone is joyful and celebrating, just know that it is ok to have a good time, even if you have moments where you breakdown. If you are having a hard time this season, just think of how awesome it is that your loved one gets to celebrate with the one we are celebrating! Check out these videos and in the comment below tell me a memory you have of the one you lost and how you celebrated Christmas.

Son of God , Comfort and Joy , and also because this song truly represents a mother’s heart; A Baby Changes Everything .

Merry Christmas & Praying you have a wonderful New Years,


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