The holidays, writing more, and other nonsensical things


So since I am finally done with this quarter period of school, I have decided to start writing more on here. I know I have stated that before, but in all honesty I get so busy with my facebook and instagram, I sometimes feel like unless I have something profound and deep I can’t write on here. As the great Wil Wheaton stated not long ago, “in an effort to write more” I have chosen to start writing this season. It might be random, and it might not make much sense, but I have decided I need to show more love to this site then I have been.

This Christmas season is fast approaching, must faster than I would have liked….only because it is going to be gone faster than it came upon us. I have gotten some presents for my hubby, a few small things for the extending family, and spent more than what we had in our budget – but I know it will be worth it on Christmas day when they open their presents; they being my husband mostly cause I accidentally went overboard with his gifts this year. At any rate, I have decided to go back to doing some crocheting again, haven’t really started cause I am having a hard time and have become smart enough to realize I might need outside help – aka mom – to get me going along with the projects. I should be done by Christmas morn..of 2018 LOL just kidding but seriously.

So Chris and I have just come back from our one year Anniversary (Anni, as I like to call it!), and what do you know, it happened to be in the Smokies the week a forest fire started. In all honesty, it is really sad what happened, and I pray for all the families involved. However, it was a shame we couldn’t go hiking or take some pictures on the trails in Gatlinburg while we were there. We were about twenty minutes from the fires, but we could still smell and see the damage from afar….Even though we did have a nice relaxing and fun time, it was a shame to see those who lost their homes and such.


A lot of illness and such is going around with the family, we would appreciate your prayers! Also, I don’t feel like giving my Reboot for November or December so I am going to rank it as a D, It was a crazy two months, and I know I can do better. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a happy New Years.


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