My Reboot Revisited

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been giving this site any love, I have either been fighting off a cold, had papers I am writing for school, or my husband and I have been busy with family stuff. I wanted to jump on here and share how I am doing with my life reboot. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, you can click here for the article. So let’s get to it.

Eat better and drink more water: C+

The reason I rated this with a C+ is because even though I have started drinking more water, I have not done the best with eating better. Well, that is only partially true. I have been fighting off a cold and so I haven’t had much of an appetite. When I do eat, it is a normal breakfast – eggs, wheat toast, etc. -, and then for dinner – cause most times I forget lunch – I will eat steamed veggies and a meat. So basically, I am eating better, but I just haven’t been eating much; hence the C+.

Exercise more: A-

So I have started walking more with my husband and our dog around the subdivision and our neighborhood. I try to walk at least three times a week, even though it gets away from me sometimes. The reason for this grade is because I know I can do more, but again with me having been sick – it’s really more of sinus issues, so I wouldn’t technically call it being sick -, I haven’t had the energy.


So I have been reading more, but one of the books I started I got away from because of my schooling. I have had a lot of papers to write and also just finished two midterms, I am hoping to catch up on my reading this weekend. I am trying to give myself a little slack because my degree is important and I only have three more years to finish; for those who don’t know, I am currently struggling with Anxiety and was able to finally find a doctor who can get me back on the pills. I wouldn’t say I struggle with it, but there are days where I find it difficult when I am not able to complete the things I set out to accomplish. I am working on not being so hard on myself right now, and this is an area that I struggle in because I believe reading is important, good reading that spurs on your creativity.

Write more: F

So obviously I am not doing great in this area. I haven’t written anything since I think the beginning of August. I could sit and give excuses about my schedule, not having enough time, etc. But I am not going to do that; I am just going to say that I have not been doing well in this area, unless you count writing papers for class – which I don’t!

Do more things I love: B+

The reason for this grade is because I have been taking a few photo’s here and there with my husbands professional camera, and even doing some of the adult coloring books in my spare time when I am stressed or need a break from school. However, as I stated above how hard I am on myself, I personally think I could do better so I graded this as a B+.

Go beyond my comfort zone: C+

So for this, I have done things like try new foods, talk to complete strangers when I am out and about, but to be honest, I haven’t gone beyond that, and my hope is to do something like seek someone who needs food and buy them some groceries, or travel somewhere I have yet to go. You know those sort of things. However, I am giving this one a C because I have been consumed in my own little world lately and really haven’t done much to step outside myself and take a look around.

Well overall, I guess I didn’t do too bad the last two months, but I know I can do better! Like I said, I am going to be working on not being so hard on myself also, because things do happen that are outside of my control. If this has inspired you to make your own list and do a life reboot, please share it below, I would love to read it.

Until next time…



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