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So I have been reading a blog lately by Wil Wheaton, some of you might know him as Crusher from Star Trek Next Generation, others of you might know him from his YouTube channel TableTop. Well, since last October he has committed to doing a reboot on his life. To read the article, as well as his other posts click here. The reason I am bringing this up is because it has really inspired me to do a reboot myself. After reading a few of his posts I was thinking what a great idea this would be,of course with the craziness of summer i kept putting this off. I have decided instead of thinking about doing something like this, i would take the leap. I have not forgotten about my readers, however big or small this audience is, this summer has just been crazy and besides that i have really started taking a step back from a lot of things and learning to live in the moment so to speak!

The things I would like to change in the next year are as follows:

  • Eat better food/Drink more water

  • Exercise more

  • Read more

  • Write more

  • Do more things I love

  • Go beyond the comfort zone


Eat better food/Drink more water.

So, in case some of you didn’t know I deal with anxiety and even though i trust God will heal me, I believe He is using this to help others and bring awareness to this mental illness. Lately, I have been stressed because of all the changes with getting married, moving in with Chris, and just having to adjust to this new chapter – not to say any of this is a bad thing, it is just a huge change. In saying that, I have gained some weight, ate junk i shouldn’t have, and well let’s face it, I am 29 not 19 anymore! I also have never been a fan of water…i am more a coffee, pepsi, and tea fan! However, this is the only body i have been given and i want to respect the temple that God gave me. So over the next year, I am going to get better at drinking more water and eating foods that are good for my body.

Exercise more.

Just like I stated above, i want to take better care of my body, which means i need to exercise! I have been walking lately and late last year i even got a fitbit to help me with getting up and moving more. My husband and I have a membership at the local YMCA here in our town, i have made a decision to start getting back to going on a regular basis and even when it gets busy and i can’t make it to the gym, i need to at least get my 10k in.

Read more.

I have to admit that over the last 6 years I have begun to start reading more, but lately i have been so busy or not feeling well that i have gotten away from reading and would vegg out in front of the tv. I am committing to reading more, and more importantly finishing what i am reading *ahem* the three books i started the beginning of this year *ahem*. I usually will read an article or two on Bing’s site, on my reader for WordPress, or a small article in the local paper on Sunday mornings. This is going to change, and i look forward to all the books i will be reading between now and the coming year.

Write more.

Now, when I say write more i don’t mean i am going to come out with an autobiography or something, because that is better left to the professionals. What I mean is, i want to start sharing encouraging and inspiring stories instead of the constant negativity you get in the news and other blogs now days. I want to showcase other professionals such as local business owners, photographers, artists, etc. In short, i want to make this a place that people can appreciate and help them to reflect on the little moments in life that most of us take for granite.

Do more things I love

I would like to start spending more time outside, playing more board games, and spending more time with my husband outside of the house, instead of always sitting on the couch or playing on the computer – which honestly i haven’t done in a while, but that is cause i been trying to catch up on old shows or binge watching new ones. I would like to take up photography, but not so much of people as with old buildings and things that people usually overlook. I also want to explore more, do some hiking or walking around my town and other places and finding the spots most people don’t know about. I also want to start doing some video’s…of what i am not sure, but i have gotten really inspired by a few artists on YouTube and would like to start making a few of my own.

Do things that stretch me

Finally, I have committed to stepping outside my comfort zone and try new things. My last Psychiatrist that i saw a few years ago for my anxiety said it was good to stretch a little and try new things; not only will it help with the anxiety, but it will cause me to look beyond myself. Whether it be trying a new food, meeting someone new at least once a month, or facing one of my fears, I have decided to take a leap of faith and move beyond the comfortable.

This is my list for 2016, yea it’s kinda late but better now than never right? If you have chosen to hit the reset button on your life and make some much needed changes in your life tell us in the comments below. How did it go, and what have you learned in the process?


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