The Wait


Lewis Tse Pui Lung


So starting September 19th I will officially be an online student for Drexel University. I am a bit nervous because i haven’t heard word from the scholarships i applied to, and I am too early for finding out what books to get, but other than that i am pretty excited to be finally getting back to finishing my degree. In saying that, the scholarships for school are not the only thing i am waiting on. My husband and I are waiting on word from something regarding his job, and that is what i want to discuss today.


Ugh, how i hate waiting…and i know, “the best things come to those who wait.” However, not knowing is the worst part, if i could at least hear whether it is in debate or something i know i would feel better….but nothing? Anyways, so while i wait i am occupying my time…or at least trying to. I have been busy with helping at church, doing a yard sale, and even trying to get my car fixed – it isn’t that bad, but there are a few things i didn’t realize would need taken care of. Alas, it still has me at the end of the day saying to myself, “Ugh, email or call already!!!” Have you ever had to wait on something important and felt like it was driving you batty? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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