OK I get it, it’s HOT!!



You know, I understand that summer is hot…I get it! But seriously??? OMG, if i were any hotter i would be standing on the equator!!!! So for those following my blog who may have noticed, I never got around to critiquing a piece of work because let’s be honest….nobody wanna be outside or running errands when it feels like a sauna that has been cranked too high outside!!! Also, in case you missed it, my mom had a total hip replacement – she is better now, but i have been going over to help out around the house, and help her if she needs to take a shower and such. Plus on top of it all, my husband has been working mad hours lately….presently as i am writing this he is upstairs dialed in to work. But whatever pays the bills right? Anyways, lately it has been sickening hot out, and i mean I got up at four am yesterday and it was 81 F out….81!!!! Seriously? Please tell me some of you are not experiencing this type of weather? I have to know there is someone somewhere that is enjoying a nice beautiful 70 F weather with a cool breeze. The one good thing about this weather is i am not overeating and i am actually getting a lot of water in….well ok i am getting more water in that normal.

On days like yesterday it takes me back to when i was a kid and we used to go to a friend or relative’s house to go swimming and then wait for the ice cream man to come so we can get a cool ice cream with the funny gumballs for eyes – my favorite was always Bugs Bunny! However, it is almost as if i feel I am becoming a hermit from not going outside because of the heat. I have a bad enough time driving to my moms because my air conditioning isn’t working and i can just feel the sweat dripping off me…..YUCK! LOL! It is as if I am the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz when you throw water on her and she screams out, “I’M MELTING, I’M MELTING!!!!! LOL!

Wicked witch melting scene: tom-tagliente.blogspot.com


I love reading books, so i have been trying hard to just read multiple books to occupy my time. What are some things you enjoy over the summer? Is there a favorite memory you have as a kid of summer? Comment below with your answers and share where you are from and what the weather is like there. Until then,

Be safe. Be cool. Be Hydrated!!!!


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