Which would you choose?


“We read to know we’re not alone.”  — William Nicholson, Shadowlands

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Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com

For all my book readers, today i would like to focus on you. When i was a kid i used to love to read, and as i got older, it became harder for me to read because i couldn’t stay focused and had a hard time with reading some of the words. Little did i know, I had a mild form of dyslexia and generalized anxiety. It became so big a problem that i quit reading when i was 11 and didn’t pick up another book till i was 23. The reason i started reading again was because while i was working at Walt Disney World, i came upon a book by Patricia Cornwell. She is an author who writes about crime/mystery fiction. The book i started reading was called Predator and it only took me six days to read it. I was surprised because not only did it capture my attention, but i was able to read it with very few problems reading the words. I guess you could say Cornwell really changed my life! Now, her books can get gruesome because it deals with serial killers, the FBI, and the main character is a Chief Medical Examiner (CME). However, She is one of the few authors who write stories as 90 percent factual and 10 percent inspiration – I believe that is how she worded it, but don’t quote me on it…you can go to her site and view all about her. After reading her books, I came across another author, Dee Henderson, she is a lot like Patricia in her writing but is a christian crime/mystery fiction author, and she is just as phenomenal.

When i was thinking of an alternative for day 15 of my everyday inspiration class, the first quote i wanted to discuss was the above because truly it was a life changing experience. I now have the confidence to sit down and enjoy a good book, and as a kid i was a bit awkward, so i had a hard time making friends – and frankly i still do -, but since i found my love of books, i can now create whole worlds with my imagination. So, tell me what book has become life changing for you? If you can’t think of one, then as a reader, where do you like to sit down with a good book? Let us know in the comments below.

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