Summertime and Sunshine

Summer in the midwest can get miserable due to the humidity in the air, but it can also be really relaxing. In today’s everyday inspiration the topic is, “Letting the scene write itself,” so today i am writing from the park my husband and I like to go to when the weather is nice – or at the very least bearable.



I have to admit, summer isn’t my favorite season because i don’t like to sweat, and like i said it can get really hot here. However, just like this duck, there are moments when the breeze is blowing – and it is a cool breeze -, the sun is shining down upon you, and you have the contrast of the cool water against your skin. These are the days i love, the days i long for each year, not the sweltering heat which causes you to have a hard time breathing and makes you want to pass out. The thing i love most about summer, besides swimming, is going on vacation. As a kid i didn’t get to go to many places because we just couldn’t afford it, but since my husband and I got together, we have been trying to go on at least a week’s vacation a year, and try to go somewhere different each time. I thought about having a jar we can just throw money in and that will be our vacation money to use when the time comes. What are some of your favorite things to do during the summer? Do you plan for vacation, or just like to relax close to home? Where are some places you would like to go this summer?

Join the conversation by sharing your answers in the comments below. If you are feeling really creative, share some photo’s from previous vacations and the places you have been.

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