Will return next week

Get Together Theme 2

Hey y’all, so this week is busy with my dentist appointment tomorrow, a dinner gathering with friends, and a festival this weekend. However, I wanted to make sure to write and say that i haven’t forgot about you.  Until i return, i could really use your help; I am in need of some inspiration and would love it if you could write down five topics you would like to see on here in the next six months. This week let’s just say we are going to take a bit of a vacation; and when we reconvene on Monday i will be talking about people watching….specifically, “letting the scene write itself,” as my next everyday inspiration post stated. I am going to write about the Route 66 Festival i am going to this weekend.  There are going to be a lot of games, music, and rides, and I am really looking forward to getting a great souvenir. Anyways, hope y’all have a good day and see you next week.


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