Using Social Media to Inspire


Too much in today’s society, at least from what i see on TV and in social media, everyone feels they need to give their opinion. This is even an issue where I live in the midwest; so many people tend to gossip and cut others down because, ” well if you want my opinion I am going to give it to you!” The problem is, no one asked for their opinion, they don’t want to hear them complaining and spreading their negative filth!! My mom always taught me, and of ‘course it became famous through Disney, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!” I think personally, people need to think before they open their mouths, and yes i am guilty of this at times too….I am not saying I’m perfect! I am just saying, if we corrected people when they started gossiping and running their mouths when they are not supposed to, maybe the world would be a little bit happier. I don’t know, but since getting around people who have a bad attitude, who are nosey, and who like to gossip and give their “opinion”, I have decided to start taking a closer look at myself. Not only does your so – called opinion put others in a bad mood, but it makes you look like an idiot! Can we just for no less than 24 hours do good for others around us instead of mouthing off our opinion? Is that such a hard task? I am just curious…seriously! I think we all just need to pump the brakes a minute and take some time to think about how we are treating others and the way we use our body language. It is so frustrating…..and I apologize for all the times i acted like that to anyone reading this. Please forgive me!

Ok, I am stepping down from my soap box.

Now back to our regularly schedule program…

In all seriousness, we have access to reaching more people than ever through social media and the internet. Do we use these tools for good though? No, not all the time! In today’s post, i encourage you for the next two days to use your social media accounts to do good for someone else. We are quick to post the next “selfie” but can we take the next few days and just focus on other people? In the comments below share how you are going to make a difference in the life of someone or a group of people in the next 48 hours. Let’s finally use social media for good!

2 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Inspire

  1. Don’t hold back. That’s a phrase I often use in reply to FB rants on topics I post. I make no secret of my thoughts on things and, while I don’t mind others expressing their opinions and debating the topics, indeed, I invite it, but, what I really hate are the trolls, people who, are either professionally motivated or just idiots, who try to divert the topic matter away from the original thread. But, hey, I’m with you on this.

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  2. I totally agree! I am a firm believer in a good clean argument, and i respect other people’s opinions even if i do not agree with them! Thanks for comment!


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