My Writing Place


Charleston, SC – News First Article


In today’s everyday inspiration, I am encouraged to discuss where i write, or at the very least, my ideal setting for writing.

Currently, I am writing in my husband’s office…since we just got married, i really don’t have a space of my own to do my writing, but this is the closest thing i have.  I find comfort in distant traffic, people mingling, and the sweet sounds of birds outside my window. My ideal place would be a cute table and chair on the balcony of our future apartment overlooking the city below. I imagine my space would have enough room for me to write on my laptop, and just quiet enough to where the sounds of the city wouldn’t be a distraction – just a low hum of the city below.

What would you like to see my write about?

I want to hear from you!! In the comments below, or in my contact section, i want to know what you would like me to write about in the future. Is there a pressing topic or something you think i should discuss? I want to know about it! Maybe you have always wanted to read about someone’s take on an issue that matters most to you, then let me know! Seriously, I want to hear from you! When you are done sharing your thoughts, would you please forward this to a friend and have them share their thoughts? Any positive feedback is always helpful!

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