A few of my favorite things

In my last post i discussed how I began a a class through ‘Blogging University’ that WordPress offers. The class helps journalists, poets, and blogger enthusiasts learn to write and reach their target audience better. In day 1 i was supposed to discuss the purpose for my writing, and in day 2 I am encouraged to write a list of things i like; am good at; or what inspires me. Well, since I am a visual person i decided to share with you a list of things I enjoy as well as places I would like to go in the next 6 years; and it will all be in pictures! I think this will be good to view when I am 35, because it will help me to see all the things i was able to accomplish. So, without further ado, here are my list.

A few of my favorite things….

The 50s

  1. I love the 40’s and 50’s pop culture. There is like an innocence to the time, and even though things were not perfect, at least for the most part you always saw families together, whether it be at the dinner table or around the television.



2. I LOVE BOOKS!!! Especially a good mystery novel…I love a few classics – as long as they can keep my attention, wasn’t too fond of Pride and Prejudice the book but the Jane Austin Movie (BBC) was fantastic! My favorite authors are: Wilson Harp, Dee Henderson, and Patricia Cornwell.


Table Top

3. I love Board games….well, and a few online RPG’s but i really love board game! Now, I have to blame my husband for this because as much as i loved to play board games, i never really played them that much until he introduced me to Will Wheaton and his YouTube channel Table Top. After watching a few episodes (videos), I was instantly hooked! Honestly, I had heard of Will from The  Big Bang Theory, but other than that i really didn’t know who he was. Sorry Will!



4. I LOVE DISNEY! In my opinion, you are never too old for Disney…granite there are some movies and such i am not as fond of, but i will always be a fan! My favorite princess is Belle, just because i really enjoyed the music, the mystery of it all, and i thought Belle was more realistic and down – to – earth. I really like how some people are even creating the characters dressed in steam punk or even as college students. Crazy right? Just search for Disney characters steam punk and Disney characters as college students.

Steam punk Disney  College Belle


autumn-on-mackinac-island Kinkade

5. I love painting and sometimes taking pictures, this stems from my love for Thomas Kinkade and his amazing artwork. Now, I know he had a few problems when he was alive, but don’t we all? Besides Bob Ross, this man was always my favorite artist! RIP Mr. K!

My final list is one I would like to call my ‘Travel The World’ list, and it is all the places i would like to visit in the next 6 years. Why 6 years? Because I think it is a good goal to set for myself – definitely more attainable -, and would be something really cool to look back on when i am 35.

My Travel The World List:


  1. Italy – I would like to mainly visit Florence, Siena, Trieste, and Venice. I have always had a passion to either move to Italy for a year, or just go and visit various parts. Something about their culture and language just calms me, and I hope in the next six years i will get to visit.



2. Charleston, SC – I have always heard good things about this place, and so I would love for my husband and I to go visit this part of South Carolina. Plus, I wouldn’t mind finding some mountain ranges and spending a weekend in a cabin up there. Also while i am over that way, I wouldn’t mind checking out the Cherokee Indian Museum. I have always been fascinated by this group of people.



3. Anaheim, CA – Now part of the reason i want to go here is because of my love for Disney, but I also would like to just view California and see some of the sights. I wouldn’t mind going to see the Hollywood sign either.



4. Tampa, Fl – I was in Orlando, Florida back in 2010 when i worked as college program with Disney. However I have never been to Tampa and wouldn’t mind checking it out as well as head on over to my old stomping grounds.


Grand Canyon

5. Arizona- At some point in the next six years, I would like to go visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and maybe even where I was born in Phoenix.

And finally, last but certainly not least….

Niagra Falls

6. Niagara Falls – I think this would be an awesome trip to take, and while I am on the Canadian border, i wouldn’t mind checking out the towns of Winnipeg and Ontario.

So these were my list, anything you see on here you liked? Is there something you think i should add? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Nice list of things. When it comes to travel, Tampa means you MUST see the Dali Museum, eat at the Columbia Restaurant, and plunk down on the beach at St Pete’s Beach! The Grand Canyon is awesome go inside don’t stop at the rim!

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